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Takamine Kiyomaro, a genius who has shunned friends and school in favour of books and solitude, was literally jolted out of his isolation when a naked boy named Gash Bell came crashing into his room riding an eagle. Gash Bell admits himself into Kiyomaro's household, and through his determination and perseverence, earns Kiyomaro's respect, and pulls him back into society. But there is more to this boy than just determination.

For Gash Bell is a demon, one of the hundred demons sent to earth to participate in a tournament to determine the next King of the Demon World. These demons were given a book, and were tasked to find their book holders, their partners. Only these partners can read the various spells inscribed in the spellbooks, and unleash the power of the demons. Kiyomaro abruptly discovers that he is Gash's partner when he accidentally reads a spell, that causes lightning to explode out of Gash's mouth.

Forced into the dangerous tournament to determine the future King of the Demon World, Kiyomaro and Gash struggle through battle after battle, earning friends and enemies alike. Following an emotional battle in which Gash himself is forced to kill one of his friends, Gash makes a decision: no matter what, to win this tournament and become a kind king, so that no one else has to enter such a harsh tournament ever again.

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Loquacious-Dragon Loquacious-Dragon

If you can get past all the crying (which happens quite often) it's pretty funny. It's not so intense where it keeps you wanting more...Well at least not in my opinion. It's good to watch if you just want to watch something that doesn't require too much thinking^_^

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