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KazablanKa KazablanKa

Kuragehime started well... then took another turn.
What attracted me to the anime is the cross-dressing, because say what you like; that's my favorite genre -you know there will be funny moments, reasons for why s/he is doing so, how will it be revealed, how will the romance happen and the list goes on- so i was looking for this. Well, except for the crappy reason for why Kuranosuke is dressing like a lady, which is odd by itself, i haven't seen something come from it.
The relations in the anime were actually odd as well. Don't know why but they felt some sort of forced. The art wasn't the anime's strength point. Yes, it suits the anime, but this doesn't take anything for the fact that it had too many flaws. The opening and ending theme weren't that good.
There were funny moments, but they were moments. Maybe what annoyed me the most is the two topics they keep talking about for the last 9 episodes. Shuu's and Tsukimi's virginity (mostly Shuu) and the hook up between Shuu and Shouko, and the two subjects didn't lead to anywhere. Seriously, it was a disparate move to try and make the anime feel mature, but it just made the anime feel uncomfortable and later very annoying.
See it as a spoiler or not, but the ending was the worst. It was left open and nothing was finished. No one knew about Kuranosuke except the people that already know, they left the relationships undone as well as other story points. Oh, and the suddenly Fashion Designer Tsukimi that i still don't get where did she come from. like dude, what kind of ending is this? Even Uraboku had a better one, and this says something.

Animezealot5140 Animezealot5140

The best out of Fall 2010 animes!!!
All the Amars are adorable. Especially Mayaya and Banba-san! They are just so funny~
Love the fashionable clothes wore by Kuranosuke, the reactions of the Amars & their hobbies and the innocent love between the triangle love of Kuranosuke, Tsukimi & Shu. X-D

Anime is only 12eps. Not enough to cover the manga is which is still ongoing. Hope there would be a season 2.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Niceeee... people... Nice.. i wonder where does my fate is crawling.. man i am 23 already and i have yet to overcome my paranoia of being watched :(
But damn men where is the rest :(((( i am so sad. where is the anime after episode11??..

Did the Mangaka quited or something??.. man i wanna see this i cant even find its manga ?:(

dominatord dominatord

I loved this anime and I hope there will be second season. Animation is fluent, characters well drawn and music is extremely catchy. You gotta love this bunch of female geeks. And Shu-chan. And Kuranosuke "pop" uncle.

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