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Keita Ibuki is an independent and struggling freelance computer programmer who had a chance meeting on one night with a high Mototsumitama named Kuro. He gives her his dinner, a bowl of ramen, and tries to protect her when she is attacked in an ambush by an unknown Mototsumitama. Keita's heart is severely damaged during the fight between the Mototsumitamas, but Kuro was able to save his life by exchanging his heart with her's since she has enhanced healing abilities like all Mototsumitamas. This creates a contract between them, which makes her more powerful than before. However, Kuro warns Keita that they need to be together all the time in order to be at their strongest.

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Weskalia's Kurokami Tv Review

Rated: 7

What this series lacks is creativity, and it tries to compensate with its attitude and energy; keep in mind, this is still your standard shounen series. Good visuals, fantastic music score and a few strong scenes ultimately elevate this one above the mediocre level, but those are far from enough for this to be reasonably considered a top-tier title. The potential for this one to have been much better is certainly here, but the execution is not even if Kuro is utterly adorable.

Kurokami is a very enjoyable anime for fans of the genre and those who keep looking for a decent action comedy with likable characters.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

A lot of people have never seen this anime, which is sad because I thought it was pretty good. I myself just stumbled upon the series, but I liked it. While the second half did seem a bit...weird to me, rushed. The fights I thought were really nice. Though the ending was very sad.

Aiira Aiira

I was totally confused with this anime once I started watching this, one of the questions that kept popping onto me is 'why is she running away?' I still quite remember that she explain who is running away from, but she did not go into detail with who. This anime was totally interesting since if you thought she was running away, then guess again.

Nubes Nubes

well... this is an interesting story with quite nice moves and background and development!! Great animation... I dont know about the characters... they seemed not to be outstanding, but Kuro's moves are absolutely the best in animation I've ever seen...

e1ectric e1ectric

Never heard of this one but my friend got some of it. Watched the first episode, and my first impression is this has potential, it could turn out to have a messed up plot (like I'm thinking high possibility of psychological disorders for the main character), and it seems like it will be dark, which is cool with me.

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