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Kamuinoyume's Kuroko no Basket Tv Review

Rated: 7

Overall, I honestly do think that Shonen fans will enjoy this show. It definitely won't become the best show you've ever seen, or engrave itself into your mind that you'd be constantly wondering what happens next, but you will enjoy it.

For those fans that are looking for an engaging story, you might end up somewhat satisfied, but also disappointed by the generic rout it takes. However, fans that are invested in characters and realistic drama will be sorely disappointed, since, as I've mentioned, the characters are pretty bland and the drama is severely underpaid.

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Member Opinions

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I usually don't watch sports anime at all, but I decided to give this a try. Watching Kagami and Kuroko interact with eachother is hilarious^^ It's also funny how Kuroko catches everyone off-guard whenever he just appears somewhere because of his low presence. Hyuuga's also very funny to watch when his true colors come out.^^ The steaks in episode 5 looked delicious^^ Kagami's appetite is ridiculous. I'll admit, it was funny, but he really was stuffing his cheeks like a squirrel xD Izuki is also pretty impressive. The second season followed suit as was equally enjoyable for me. The third season is good so far, but the flashbacks in the manga felt like they went on forever xD


Badass and Epic. Its very stimulating sports anime at the same time very thrilling and touches the reality. the thing i love about this anime is not every time the protagonist are winner and it also shows that not everyone that are possessed superiority have a good life. They are also experiencing distress and grief despite of they have anything that others are need to struggle in order to obtain such talent and skills.

banraider banraider

May be it's better to leave the comment empty because there aren't enough words to describe how this anime is awesome, the anime itself is a kiseki, I love basket ball very much that's why I start watching the anime, OMG!! Every match makes your blood boil and it's like you are also in the game, I forgot this feeling , to be excited, to know how the match will end and what kind of skills they will use, it's so amazing! all the characters are awesome, specially Kiseki no Sedai team, they are amazing ,I LOVE KUROKO very very very much! He is handsome, lovely, smart and strong, he never gave up till the very end,he is my favorite character, also the effects of the matches and how the ball move is another amazing side of the anime," kuroko no basuke" makes the other anime series are so boring , if there was a trillion I will definitely vote for this piece of art, and I can't wait to see the next season.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

There is no word to express this anime, it's more than Awesome !! the anime is amazing piece of work, what can i say, the characters are great, all of them but Kuroko-kun is the special, best of them all, so cute, so handsome, and the anime has everything, drawing : 10/10, music :10/10, comedy :10/10, coloring :10/10, action :10/10, the Enthusiastic of each match is pulling u to see the anime more, makes u don't wont to leave the anime, if i can vote for 10 in my watchlist that will be humiliating, is there more i can say about the anime??!!! ah ..PERFECT SHOW EVER!! and we really need a third season, i hope it will come soon.

RuruChan RuruChan

I've watched the whole first season of this series and I'm currently waiting for the second season to finally air.
I've also been reading the manga of this too while I've been watching the first season.
This series is really awesome! I love basketball more now because of this series! XD

winree winree

Thought it was 'corny' and a ripoff of slumdunk. When I watched it I was like (●゚д゚●) , never thought it was this great! The very concept is so original and the word 'corny' is out of the list

Aiira Aiira

A really great anime. Kept me wanting more and more, it's not the normal basketball game you can just watch in any highschool either. The characters are well developed and each character has their own personality. The creators also went ahead and created rivals for all characters and their own "powers" were somehow the same with the others but before you know it they could either control better than others or they are much better in using it. Although the title of the anime would make you think it will only focus on one character it actually doesnt as it also explains the reason why the mentioned character in the title is a crucial part of the whole anime/per game. I'd give the anime 10/10 just because it kept me occupied for the whole winter break.

iluvtulips iluvtulips

I have never really been a fan of basketball. I mean I'd catch a few matches but I think I may have to watch more games! I know Kuroko no Basket is an anime but the freaking characters are the best! I love every single one of them. I want them all to win and to play games together and just have fun. I've never been this emotionally invested in characters. I don't want the season to end I hope they get a new season. I just love Aomine so much I mean he is the greatest character period. Ugh, why do I have these feels for this boys?

Animezealot5140 Animezealot5140

Starting was interesting...slowly I see there are no strategies or so like in Eyeshield 21.
the game is kinda plain...stronger opponents keep coming and the characters will be helpless against them and suddenly they'll overcome the opponents out of no where. Kuroko should just practice his dunking....

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