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minayuri minayuri

This series had potential, but I felt it wasn't realized with the lack of developing the characters and story better that leave the viewer to question on what's going on. Otherwise it was original with the content and Mamoru Miyano and Jouji Nakata did well with their respective character roles. I hate the OP song, it's horrible. The songs should've been performed by the group Onmyou-za who did Basilisk's OP song; their style would've been a great fit for this series.

Taavi Taavi

An excellent, dark and bloody story. The plot is definitely unique, an ancient warrior travelling forward in time in pursuit of his desperate love. The animation style is quite unique, fight scenes are pulled of well, yet the plot still lacks some depth. It could be better.


dark and unique story using famous japan legend and history heroes, Minamoto no Yoshitsune.
but the series it self doesn't talk much about the legend's story. it has their own stories about undead people and incidents around them.
little bit twisting in plots and time. but its OK. in the end you will understand =)

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