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Kuu Shiratori was a shy, normal high school girl who was always been dreaming of a handsome prince. One day, a new transfer student named Kyoshiro Ayanokoji shows up, and looks a lot like the prince from her dreams!
At lunch, all the girls stop to listen to him play the violin. Suddenly, he stops and stares at Kuu and, without warning, rips open her shirt. Then, just like the prince in her dreams says every night, he says "Let's go...together..."
She runs off upset only then to be caught up in the middle of a fight involving mechanical creatures and magic she has never seen or heard of before. Kyoshiro saves her and eventually a relationship begins to take shape...

Based on the synopsis by Mew1Mokuba.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

It's an average series, I like Kannazuki no Miko much better as it's much more engaging. Kuu is a one-dimensional heroine, all she does is make herself a victim for no reason and there's no positive qualities to make up for her extremely flawed character. She pretty much embodies the typical doormat character archetype. Kannazuki's Himeko is much better than Kuu when it comes to the "pure-hearted heroine" character, at least Himeko has a backbone when it comes to coping with vexing situations and doesn't cry all the time. I also think Setsuna suits Kyoshiro more romantically, it's sad she's not his love interest. Setsuna is more interesting and has the best qualities to be the actual heroine and love interest for the MC, I feel sorry that she holds back her own feelings she has within her heart and see the person she loves give his love to that dullard Kuu. Sometimes I can't help but hate Kyoshiro for how he treated Setsuna like her feelings didn't matter. I hated and loved the ending at the same time...loved it for Kaon/Himiko and hated it because the best girl Setsuna wasn't the one who won the MC's heart. If it weren't for characters like Setsuna, Himiko, Kaon, and Sojiro, I would rate this anime much lower.


I don't know if this happens to any of you, but I always remember the best and the worst animes I've seen. The ones that left some kind of mark in my mind, and when I tried to remember what I thought about this anime, almost nothing came to my mind. So, I'll take it as a sign to say it was pretty normal, not bad but not really good either.

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