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Hisakata793's Kyou Kara Maou Tv Review

Rated: 8

One of the better animes I have seen in such a long time! To others it may not seem that wonderful, but the relationships between the characters is beautiful. One of the main things I noticed about this anime is its humor.. I can come up with no words to describe it, but the humor is.. special.. lol It made me laugh plenty of times, a complete, real laugh. Even with all of this humor added in it had its moments where I soaked my pillow in tears, when an anime can make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and yet also make me cry so terribly. Something had to be done right. ^_^ I loved how well the transitions between a serious event with deep details went to a light and comedy episode after too much deepness.

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Member Opinions

kawaii89 kawaii89

I love this anime. So funny when Wolfram thought Yuuri as his fiance when Yuuri slap him. Baka. Yuuri so cool when he transform to King Mozaku. I also like his guardian Conrad...i thought he betraying Yuuri but Yuuri full of confident for trusting Conrad. Love it. But i feel so sad coz i dont have my own dvd/cd for this anime. I've completely watching this anime when i borrow it from my Friend! Its very expensive huh!

galexia galexia

I have seen it 3 times and I wouldn't mind seeing it again. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants something funny... Btw it is supposed to be shounen-ai but if you ask me it is not. There is no action or anything like that , just that the main cast is all males..

singlemoon singlemoon

Haven't seen the third season. :O
So far it's good, it's funny therefore it's enjoyable, lots of potential pairing. >:D And one thing I enjoy the most is Yuri finding a way to solve his problems. I just love Yuri, our Demon King. XD And there's also some interesting characters in the series, they're not normal, but still they're pretty enjoyable..XD
(Wolfram is a big TsunTsunDereDere)

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

Awesome and funny anime, thou the fact that Yuri was engaged to Wolfram is a bit disturbing.
I enjoyed this anime very much, interesting characters, fun plots and no one is perfect as they look. (Haha, Gwendal...)

Klappy Klappy

Anyone who dare tells me that this series sucks will be cruelly dismantled and torched into atomic proportions! I won't allow a single insult! ...all right, so maybe that's exaggerating it a bit... or a lot... but that goes to show just how much I fell in love with this anime. Save for Season Three; that one didn't go quite well with me but I''m still giving the entirety of the anime a perfect score. It appears simple at the start of the series, then turns into something absolutely more. (I kept wondering if I would somehow end up in Shin Makoku myself if I flushed my own head down the toilet. But that's plain stupid.) And who would deny the Yuuram moments? Honestly, Tomo-san couldn't have made Yuuri any denser! And to simply leave the fans to insinuate by themselves exactly what will happen with those two! No, the kiss does NOT make up for that - they didn't even show the real deal! Huff. Enough with the rant, then.

Kyou Kara Maou stands out because of its overly capable and classical humor, its magnificent cast of characters, and its "defiance of norms". Defiance not in the bad way, but in the good, if not hilarious, term. For one, the common notion for demon races are literal, ugly devils, but here we have gorgeous and desirable bishounens. Second, the common portal for being transported to another world in anime are doors or magic portals, NOT toilet bowls. Everyone had got to admit that that first episode really stood out and serves as the fishing hook for its fans. It did me, that's for sure. Third, an engagement because you slapped someone? And regardless of their gender for that matter! Now tell me who would not be interested, hm?

The whole plot is engaging (at least till Season 2) and definitely leaves you wanting more. As the review above had mentioned, Kyou Kara Maou pulls you into its own world, regardless of the means, and you'll find it difficult to hold back once you're in it.

BryeDG BryeDG

I love this serie *___* specially when Yuri began to become a real Maoh XD awesome on the action part, and also de romance wel.... not at all but Wolfram is soooo cute when he tries to catch the atention of Yuri


This is an AWESOME show!! There's comedy, sword fighting, power fighting, lovelove...
My favourite combo! Plus its a really good ending! I've watched all 3 seasons!
Makes me laugh out loud.. And nearly cried at some parts.
Give it a try! =D

kamijojieun kamijojieun

the whole 3 series and 5 ovas...
actually, I listened to all the radio (shk) and most of the drama cds.....^^

i loved it^^

the characters' names are quite difficult to write in English, but i love them all!!

AngedeCristal AngedeCristal

It's a sympathic anime, humoristic, and with good characters (Love Gunther and Saralegui <3 )
The story is good too, long, and not boring !
For the moment, I don't see the end of the third saison, but I will finish it when I could ! :p


I like Kyo Kara Maou because it is a fun fantasy with a great sense of morality. I like the strange atmosphere of the Great Demon Kingdom. Yuri Shibuya is a king with a good heart and his family, friends, and people care about him. I like the relationship between Yuri and Wolfram von Bielefeld.

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