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Tsubaki Hibino's addiction is to do hair, and she is pretty good in that. Despise that fact she has no confidence to make herself look "cute", and so she starts her freshman year in high school as a plain and strict girl, by wearing pigtails and a long skirt. Because of that she gets called "showa girl". And if that is not enough Kyota Tsubaki, the most handsome guy in class but also the one who always abuses her, suddenly makes her his girlfriend!

Contributed by Chrisp

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Member Opinions

Monu-chan Monu-chan

I think this Manga is a bit adult Umm... no its too adult for me, I never read something like this but I really like the story and character s.Although some scene and pages were adult for me and I don't even know what are they doing but after realize what I'm reading at first I'm even more embarrassed then Tsubaki Hibino when she did "that thing" with kyouta but I like the love story so continue reading it.And now I complete it I suggest it for whom who like somewhat adult romance and if you are teenager then I also warn you to not read this manga in front of your parents or little/big bro-sis if they find what you are reading then prepare for a big lecture, Thank God my parents didn't notice it.I love this manga so much<3
Last volumes were so much realistic like pursuing future, convincing parents for having relationship, long distance relationship.

aureawolf aureawolf

My first Minami-sensei manga was Rhapsody in Heaven and I liked it, so I looked for more and saw that this story is the most popular. I wanted to understand why. At first, I must admit the the bullying stuff and the "embarrassment" that Hibino felt every time that Kyouta approached her got on my nerves... but I still felt like reading some more. It's kinda cute: Kyouta started as a total jerk and Hibino as a naive prude, yes, but they try to grow as individuals and as a couple (that's the way it should be!). What I liked the most was the fact that they realized that only through communication and trust, love becomes stronger. I think that most of the situations they go through are quite realistic (but also very cliché): the misunderstandings, the jelousy, the anticipation of the next stage, the forge of a better personal future... they try to do their best (considering their very twisted sentimental education) to clear things up and be happy together and to become each other's strength.

Aiira Aiira

Very good development between lovers, if it weren't for the intimate scenes this could have been into a great anime, but oh well. As usual Minami Kanan did an amazing job with the story line and the art itself. Appreciate the characters bold personality. It's a new evolution for Kanan to make the leading girl strong and not weak like her old mangas. I guess she's trying out new stuff and I must say she's quite succeeding in that section. ;D

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Great romance manga that is not overly cheesy and has great romantic moments. The manga depicts the characters emotions very well and the struggle of making a tough relationship work while opening up to each other about their past as to become closer to each other.
One of the better romance manga out there to read.

trofikabinet trofikabinet

One of my all time favorite mangas! It's not the very typical shoujo going on but it does involve lots of romance and a coherent story without overdoing and making moments too cheesy. The characters are very interesting, all hiding the baggage from their past which still affects them in the present day relationship. The emotions are depicted well and you can really feel what Hibino is going through with her first love. Definitely a manga worth reading if you're a shoujo lover.

ai-yame ai-yame

Before you watch the OVA and ask yourself "When and how did this happen!?", it's best if one has read the manga first, of course. Anyhow, I really learned to love and relate with the Tsubaki couple, plus their everyday issues not only in their relationship but also on life as a whole. I was drawn to it as I saw through a lot from their experiences, whether insecurities, and even affection. It's quite a heartwarming story; as one would expect from a shoujo manga.

mbeckley mbeckley

A cute, romantic OVA. I like how the couple had the same name "Tsubaki" and how much they love one another. I truly relate to the girl about fearing of being kissed because she thinks she's the only one who's serious in the relationship. It's important to know that your relationship is serious and not light-hearted. Take your time and get to know your parther.

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