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Rank 4

I prefer anime like this. In terms of the story is good with species differences in life. Which becomes interesting it. Effect real battle and defeat opponents in RPG games like effect. Besides, I prefer the characterizations made by kyoto animation. And because of this anime I became Wota Megane. I liked the glasses.

the climax of the story is so dramatic. The main character saved by a heroine character. and heroine struggling in a world where she is fighting monsters in the body of the main character. But in the end the main character had come to help and assist heroine.

- Character favorite
Kuriyama Mirai
Kanbara Akihito
Nase Mitsuki
Nase Izumi
Nase Hiroomi
Shindou Ai
Inami sakura

- Episode favorite
Episode 1 , 6 , 11 , 12
Episode Ova

mikeb23 mikeb23

An original story with familiar characters is how I think of KyoAni’s Beyond the Boundary. I think this series neatly and carefully blended action, comedy, romance and hints of fanservice all in one. I was really hooked on the characters and how they all interacted but what confused me was when I got to the end. The ending leaves open a lot of holes in the story in terms of why things happened and where things came from. Apart from that, solid cast, beautiful main heroin and an ending scene that should take on an emotional rollercoaster. As of now, I’m awaiting the confirmed release of the movie.

espada357 espada357

My favorite anime of 2013. No question. This was a really fun anime that Kyoani pulled from out of nowhere! I thoroughly enjoyed this up to the last second. It had the perfect amount of Fighting, Comedy, Romance and Fan service to create a giant success to say the least. I loved this show so much. I want to rewatch it soon. Mirai is one of my favorite characters of all time just because she seems so shy and cute. She ends up being a real sweetheart with a bad past and I can respect that. Loved it.

shadowwhuntress shadowwhuntress

First episode wasn't as promising as I thought it would be, but I definitely liked the opening and ending songs. I will be watching out for the plot and character development. I just hope that Mai will not be too dense or clumsy. Maybe things will progress in the next episodes.


HONTONI Sugoiiiii-DES!!!!! <3 The B-E-S-T anime in my lifeeeee~
Daiski-des, Kyoukai no Kanata!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 MiRAi X AkkEY <3 <3 <3

~FUyUKAi-dess~ <3 -19/12/2013-

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