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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Well an anime for those who like SERVANT and MASTER love story, but well this was more of a Harem type. Our hero is a common guy who has transfered into a very RICH school where the rich families' kids play as masters and the buttlers and maids are trained via practicing on them.
I have rated it good because of good story line, plot and presentation. But man, some one please tell me why is that when ever a scene changes there is a scene of a girl going totally naked. :( i mean whats the point man??..

Or may be this was an ero anime thats the only reason?. PG 17. so please watch in dark, closed room at night :)

dnandre dnandre

well ... I think the manga version much better than this :| too much fanservice, with "so-so" story, the only "thing" that I still stuck in this series is Kawasumi Ayako (Saikyo) vs Mai Nakahara (Selnia), and finally (as I thought) the ending isn't that good

genefever898 genefever898

It is a show that truly exemplifies what it means to be an ecchi in 2009-2010. You have to step it up a notch, boobs/quick fondle/nosebleed isn't enough anymore. The plot was great but the ecchi, though overbearing at times, gave a girl the feeling of... "oh come on already, really??". But nonetheless the story exceeded expectations. Kept me enthralled for 4.5 months.

mishia mishia

Looks totally harem and generic with fanservice. In fact, the fanservice is quite infuriatingly ridiculous, but I like the personalities of the two female leads so its worth continuing at the very least. (Question, why is it they have no problem with showing off female aspects for fanservice but seem against doing the very same with male aspects? It's a bit biased and unfair if you ask me, catering to only one side...)

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