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Rosegirl18's Lamune Tv Review

Rated: 7

Lamune is certainly an anime that is worth watching. Yet it has too many flaws within its simple, short and sweet form. I would have liked to see the plot deepen and the characters to develop more, as many bonds were so abruptly ignored that they made unclosed holes within the plot. I suppose that the anime is mismatched - the plot is much too little. It is hardly enough to make an interesting show. But the animation is relaxing and well done, as well as the music, applied without evident flaws. However, it is this normality that makes Lamune such an ignored show, despite the fact that it is not lacking in any other areas.

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Member Opinions

madalin88 madalin88

Again a beautiful love story between a boy and a girl that are shy in the beginning and at the end confess their love. It was nice that every episode started with memories making the story easy to understand. The only thing i didn't like is that the graphics and sound needed a little more polishing . Even so I like a lot the OP and ED song :) .

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