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A normal miner boy called Pazu led an ordinary life until he saved a girl who falling from the sky. The mysterious girl, Sheeta, told an amazing story about her family necklace, which the military and the pirates are both chasing for its great power. Pazu decided to help her and on the way, they discover that Sheeta's necklace is connected to the "City in the Sky" Pazu's father had taken a photograph of. Their adventure introduces them to unexpected friends and secrets of Laputa, the castle in the sky.

Written by syeung321.

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Tama-Neko's Laputa: Castle in the Sky Tv Review

Rated: 7

Laputa is another Miyazaki classic and its themes of dangerous, lost technologies and the human will to surmount their challenges remain fresh and true no matter the decade. Although it may seem a bit familiar to anyone who has seen other Miyazaki films, it has enough originality in its settings, characters and situations to give it some distinguishment. For newer fans, the focus on adventure, treasure-hunting, running from kidnappers, and discovering a lost land is fun and amusing and needs little else to make it enjoyable (except perhaps a lack of bad electronica) and I would recommend it above Nausicaa or Princess Mononoke (although not as highly as I would recommend Spirited Away) to new animation fans.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I watched this movie after watching Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and liked Laputa as well, even though I still rank Nausicaa as the better of the two amongst Miyazaki's early works, but find Laputa more entertaining than Spirited Away. The protagonists, Pazu and Sheeta are amazing characters that I was invested in and they have an amazing chemistry as a couple. The antagonist Muska was developed really well and he was quite an interesting character in terms of his villainy in how his quest for power and dominance consumed him.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Like all Miyazaki films, this one is a classic must-see, though it's not my absolute favourite (which is Spirited Away).
The beginning is admittedly a bit boring, but the story starts picking up as soon as the robot wakes up. Then when they finally reach Laputa, I was so moved that I couldn't even make sense of my emotions. It's a beautiful story that gives us a wistful glimpse of the kind of paradise our world could have become had it not been tainted by mankind's greed. The famous song "Kimi wo nosete" plucked my heartstrings and my tears wouldn't stop. And to be honest, I think the music has outdone the story and the song is the biggest reason why the movie is such a success.

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

I think this was the second Hayao Miyazaki film I saw. The story in this movie is really amazing. ^^ This movie entertained me the most for the Dola gang was just an awesome group of characters. XD The twists in this movie were well-timed and I remember gasping when I was little. XD The ending was great, and I remember I started crying when Dola started tearing up. lol I also liked the message that we should honor nature and have love for one another. We shouldn't be corrupted by power and technology.

Musie Musie

It was kinda slow the first time I watched it, but I loved it none the less. And now, whenever I watch it, I don't think its so slow, instead I just think its awesome. I love the characters personallitys, and the creations on Laputa are amazing. Somewhat sad, to me anyways, but is good.
Great movie!!

ghost945 ghost945

great cinemactic effect. songs great. sound effects as well. story comes with a beginning with a problem and then an end. characters not fully developed but the main lead did show sign of growth towards the end. unlike other mainstream anime where the male lead is usually the useless one, the femle lead of laputa is quite useless and need to be rescued.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

good. I have only seen this twice and yet I own it. somehow, when I start to forget the plot of things it's time to start watching them again :P no wonder I don't bother with the paid stations, I got so many movies I could survive without cable even, just gotta have my online :P but I liked how this one twisted to.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Probably my least favorite of the Miyazaki films that i own-- a decent storyline, but not as stimulating as the other three. I especially dislike Sheeta's VA (Anna Paquin) in the English dub. It's like she can't decide if Sheeta should have an accent or not.

e1ectric e1ectric

This was a good Studio Ghibli film. It had an interesting, yet slightly predictable plot. If I weigh in the fact that the film was made before I was born, then it is a truly amazing film. The artwork is awesome (especially considering when the film was made), the English dub I listened to was alright, and as I already stated the plot was decent.

Nubes Nubes

i saw this movie, but really dont remember much... but really really... HOW CAN THIS MOVIE BE NAMED LAPUTA!!!! in my languange Laputa it speaked as The (la) whO"#$#"re (puta), in spanish... thewhore in spanish... damnit!

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