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Rikuo Himura found Kazahaya Kudou in the snow and, not knowing why, brought him to the Green Drugstore. There, his boss, Kakei, and Saiga, inform him that he must have been meant to pick up this strange boy, and that it is now Rikuo's duty to take care of him.

Kazahaya lives and works at the Green Drugstore with Rikuo, but his job isn't only about stocking shelves - with the ability to see memories or spirits when in close contact with the physical object, Kakei sends Kazahaya on special 'jobs' that often involve the retrieval of a spiritual artifact. Rikuo, who has the power to break things with his mind, comes along as Kazahaya's protector, much to Kazahaya's annoyance.

However both boys have dark pasts each involving a special female - Rikuo seeks what happened to Tsukiko, and Kazahaya has lost Kei, his sister...

Description: Twinklebyte

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SaeArara's Legal Drug Manga Review

Rated: 8

While Legal Drug is a serious story it has many comedy elements thanks to Kazahaya's short temper and Saiga, who is the lover of Kakei and can do a multiply things including sewing and never takes his sunglasses off. :)
The mystical lines are nearly flawless, you can never predict what will happen. We get only bits of informations about the two women and the past of the characters. CLAMP likes smokescreening and does it perfectly. ^^
It's a very enjoyable story for those who like CLAMP and mysterious stories and don't mind shounen-ai. It's perfectly fun and overly interesting.

Maybe I am a bit biased because CLAMP is one of my biggest favourites. I have read 70% of their works. But I think that Drug is one of the best mangas one could ever read.

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Member Opinions

SatsugaiTenma888 SatsugaiTenma888

This manga is a really great read and by one of my ultimate favorite mangaka's CLAMP. A light shounen-ai, it's actually very refreshing from your usual Yaoi and I love the comedic bits thrown in here and there. A must read for fans of CLAMP and shounen-ai! :)

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