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MelgyArt MelgyArt

I had a lot of fun watching it... The captain Kraft (voiced by Takehito Koyasu) is simply hilarious.
Even if I haven't watched the english dubbed version yet, I really think the casting of Vic Mignogna as the Baka Prince is perfect, I can't wait to witness it myself...

Animezealot5140 Animezealot5140

Lol. Its humurous and creepy story about aliens invading earth.
Ouji is the main attaction here. and he is so funny.
The anime is short. 13eps. But its very good. It didn't change the manga content at all.

maic maic

Okey *
I finished watching and I can say this .....
is my ABSOLUTE !! favorite AnImE series! )XDDDDDDDDDDD for ever LEVEL-E !!
kokkuri please I would the season 2 ! the seasoooooon 2 !! T T siiiigh

Nalataia Nalataia

Absolutely great. It is long enough to enjoy it fully and short enough not to get bored with it.

It is an anime broadcasted at 2011 so graphics and drawing are good. Plot is weird but extraordinary. It has nothing in common with

Togashi's earlier works.

An excentric and crazy prince who comes to the Earth just for fun. A bodyguard who is in the verge of losing his sanity. A high

school student who unfortunately gets in touch with that insane prince. And lots of people who gets involved with the masochistic

games the prince loves playing. One of the best comedies ever... even better than Bobobo!

That kind of plot is just brilliant and incredibly funny and entertaining. I laughed as much with the anime as I did with the manga.

In fact, there are only just a few changes, for example, at the end of the anime where the serie skips the last two or three

chapters of the manga. But for everything else, the plot stays true.

Another masterpiece to check ^^

XiThau XiThau

Gives that 'comedic' vibe off every episode. From time to time, I feel like it's a serious moment and all, but really, it isn't. The "Prince" of Planet Dogura just does all he does to have fun (which isn't a spoiler, since they repeat that many times). It's really just an Anime to laugh to. Oh, but the animation may bug you a bit. It did for me. It felt like I was watching an old Anime, when in fact, the vintage date was this year (2011). Nonetheless, I'd recommend it.

ghost945 ghost945

great plot. managa is brilliant. anime didn't disappoint. arts quality have greatly improved in anime (vs. manga). dont understand why this turned into anime after manga was out there for such long time. best guess is that the story is all too 'advance' in its time for the market. events in story are logical, ask you to think and watch carefully for every detail as they may pop up at the end and prove to be very vital clue for what's going on. the last story with the princess tricking our baka prince into marriage is the epic.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Most unique and grand story.. it was funny and alomost too irritating, i was like : "Just go kill him man., killl him" lol

But surely i never wante him dead, if that happened i could not have that much fun, i wish i could go into such an RPG game man... . wow awesome anime

aozoraskies aozoraskies

I felt so trolled when I read the last few arcs of this manga. lol but it was hilarious, with a strangely realistic art style in a few arcs. Some arcs have a little depth and touching moments - all are trolled by the main pro/antagonist. It will mess with your mind but it'll be a fun trip ;)

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