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Light Novels are a type of novel geared mostly towards the teen and young adult demographics. They often feature illustrations, albeit not as many as manga series have.
Considering their relatively short length - generally 40,000–50,000 words -, they are similar to Western novellas.
Most of them are published in bunkobon size - small-format paperback, designed to be affordable and portable.

If a series is popular enough, it will most likely spawn light novels in addition to the other parts of its franchise (anime/manga series, OVAs, drama CDs, live-action films, video games etc.)
Thus, they can be considered a written medium between the classic novel (devoted to writing) and manga (great amount of images).
Well-received adapted series have benefited from releases of Light Novels as side stories and/or sequels, as a means to give further details and expand upon the plot.

Read more about Light Novels on Wikipedia.

Also see: Drama CD.

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