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Lolita is a Japanese fashion geared mainly toward teenage girls. This fashion includes influence from the Victorian and Rococo eras and the outfits often feature (but are not limited to):
- frilly bell-shaped dresses and skirts around knee length;
- parasols;
- headdresses or frilled headbands;
- little hats or other types of fascinators;
- lace topped socks or thigh highs, with or without garter belts or garters;
- Mary Jane-style shoes.

Lolita fashion has numerous subdivisions, some of the most common ones being sweet lolita (with outfits predominantly in light colors such as pink and white), gothic lolita (featuring darker colors such as black and blue), Victorian lolita (more conservative i.e. longer dresses, sleeves and socks) and punk lolita (similar to punk fashion).

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