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Ptptn's Lost Universe Tv Review

Rated: 7

I mentioned the filler episodes that do not always work well. If those had been deleted, the series would have been shorter, but would have had better pacing.

Work around the duds, and Lost Universe can proudly stand with its sister shows, and even beat them if you want a more serious storyline. You could say Lost Universe has the same amount of seriousness and humor as Slayers. Only where Slayers strikes a balance in episodes, Lost Universe has or/or episodes: serious ones, or silly ones.

In all, this is one of my favorite series. But I also know that while there are episodes (the main plot) which I rewatch again and again, there are also episodes which I have watched only once and probably will nott watch again.

A 7.

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Member Opinions

pdrawman pdrawman

The "Lost Ships", a somewhat obscure anime but anime possessed similar traits that fell well. Lost Universe is an anime that could have been much better managed ahber had I not had the prejudices of his near namesake "The Slayers". However unatrama weighing has to be linear, engaging the public, with few characters that border between the simple and monotonous. I recommend it to those who do not much like the genre "mechs."

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