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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Oh my such a long time after which i was able to watch a series related to SUCCUBUS , man why do they all forget about them.. so many vampire warewolves anime but so less succubus's. Yes u can say that apparently i like succubus more then vampires and warewolves, but thats not exactly it. Its just that i wanna know more about the succubuses. I already know too much about vampires and warewolves.

And when it comes to succubus's ero and echi stuff is a must.. i rate it high because of its story line.. and SUCCUBUSPRESENTATIon ..lol (am i over exagerating??) Want to see some more such anime..

back07 back07

While job hunting, Naoya is taken by a mysterious girl to a magical land where he is installed in the harem of the succubus Queen Lotte. Thanks to trauma from her childhood, Lotte hates men and surrounds herself with lots of other women, who all have quirks of their own. In spite of her selfishness, when Naoya learns that Lotte is really quite lonely he agrees to stay in her world.

ghost945 ghost945

initial thought was an anime with one female against many male. yet turned out to be one male surrounded by many females but so far seems relationships is on an one-on-one basis. manga suggested that our male lead became a father at tender age of 12, having an affair with lotte's mother. what a complex relationships. seiyuu cast strong, they added value and life into characters. ending song rather good.

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