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Keitaro and his childhood sweetheart make a promise: to both be accepted and meet each other at the prestigous Toudai University; however, she moves away and he forgets about her. 10 years later, Keitaro has become an artist and a daydreamer, having ranked 27th from the last in the national practice exam. He comes to Tokyo to live with his grandmother, who owns a hotel that turns out to be an all-girls dormitory named Hinata House.

When his grandmother leaves, Keitaro becomes the residential manager and soon meets up with two Toudai applicants...and one of them just might be his sweetheart. They are joined by other tenants: the young Shinobu, who was in a desperate situation until Keitaro helped her; Motoko the swordsmaster who sees men as evil distractions; Kaolla, the genius child inventor; and the sneaky Mitsune.
This story follows the daily life of the Hinata House as well as Keitaro's attempt to once again enter University.

Description: niomea

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Howtwosave's Love Hina Tv Review

Rated: 2

This anime is way more childish probably more and definitely more idiotic as some anime geared toward kids yet so many people are standing by this as one of the best and their favorites.

The stupidity in this beats out the fan-service by a long-shot.

Some people describe this anime as wacky or crazy but I just found it stupidity at its worst.
the story/plot/everything about this anime was stupid, unfunny, predictable, boring, cliche, ripped-off, typical, reminds me of so many animes that are a million times better that need to be fansubbed asap.

So all in all no romance, no comedy, no originiality, no progression, bad characters so there's no point.

I really wish I could say that I had no idea why other people like this anime.

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Member Opinions


I have to give props to Ken Akamatsu. If it were not for Love Hina, I might not have gotten into most of the anime that I watch today. From beginning to end I enjoyed watching Love Hina. It is one of the few animes that I watched multiple times.

StevOmaru StevOmaru

Very similar too other romantic comedy anime and manga, but it still has some very sweet moments and hilarious moments as well. The plot is very whacky and shifts a lot from chapter to chapter so there is a lot going on form time to time, but each character is unique and has their own reasons for chasing after the main character.
Typical romantic comedy, but still worth at least one read through.

Glukogen Glukogen

I can tell honestly - I don't like anime such type (like a harem) characters get into situations that are too much similar. So what is happening on screen, get bored and stopped induce a smile. Of the characters may be noted Kaolla (still cute, funny and crazy) and Motoko (the person with a double bottom)

ghost945 ghost945

THE anime that converted me to an otaku. great story. great characters. characters are developed and we grew up with them. seiyuu strong and lift the anime to another level. songs are great. remember they were popular in chart for a while. ova equally good. it may seem old style looking back but it's one of the classics and set example for those who followed.


"Partially" owned and watched on account that I don't have the movies and I've only seen one of them; I have the whole series. On a side note: this is one of the series that serves to confuse my Dad on why Bridget Hoffman feels the need to change her name all the time.

MK2010 MK2010

If I must be honest, I prefer the Manga to the anime. But that's ONLY because the Manga ending was, frankly, a lot better than the "Again" Episodes they gave the Anime. But still, I only read the manga After the anime, and it'll always hold a place in my heart.

riho88riho riho88riho

There's by far too much going on. Too many "main characters" and so the focus is being shifted from one to the next far too much/often. The artwork is decently beautiful, but there isn't anything "special" to keep interests besides the eye-candy and fan-service which isn't all that special either next to the story/plot that gets off track far too much to even be interesting.

deviant2 deviant2

I recommend this for mature (people who in high school age(17+))
GO GO GO ... Good Luck, Try your best !!!, you will have a new additional spirit to live after watching it.

Well... i dont have many friends like you (who read this), by watching this, i feel like i've many friends around me.

e1ectric e1ectric

Still watching this one. I stopped because I could predict everything that was going to happen, and I bought Code Geass so I went to that. I will resume watching someday, however it's not high on the list. I'm about half way through.

exrey exrey

Love Hina - Season 1 - Discs 6 - Episodes 01 - 24 [Have & Watched]

Love Hina Again - Season 2 - Discs 1 - Episodes 01 - 03 [Own & Seen]

Love Hina Specials - Christmas & Spring Specials - Discs 01 - 03 - Episodes 03 (inc. OVA) [Have & Seen]

Love Hina Omake - Original Video Animation - Episodes 01 (25) [Got & Watched]

jaymac jaymac

One of the first comedy animes which really caught on to me even before I started seeing it on DVD. Now owning the entire TV series, the Christmas and Spring Break Specials and the OVA, I would love to re-visit this show one more time one day. I would love to see the spectacular kicks, punches and hammerblows Naru unleashes on Keitaro next time in slow-mo! (Doing that would make it even more funny!)

stargem stargem

Its a long running love story, but it is hard to keep you attention for long periods of time.
I've seen more than half of the series and have taken a break from it, I think that i'll eventually return to it but at the moment im watching other stuff


I don't know what they were trying to do with this anime. Randomness is good sometimes, but this anime didn't pull it off right. It was random, but really predictable when it came to the overall plot. It's very 'meh'.

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