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New transfer student, twelve year old Aoyagi Ritsuka, has moved to a new school in hopes of escaping his trecherous past. Himself, never having a good relationship with a single being, has difficulty communicating with his peers until he is met up with a man who claims to be his deceased brothers friend or fighter. His name, Agastuma Soubi. Soubi, claiming to have known Aoyagi Seimei,and of had been his fighting machine,(in which seimei was his sacrifice), has come to tell Ritsuka that now he is his fighter. After being giving the knowledge that his brother did not die of mysterious circumstances, but killed by the organization named "The Seventh Moon", Ritsuka decides to join Soubi's side into investigating the entire truth behind his eldest brothers death.

Credits: toxictea23

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Melony's Loveless Tv Review

Rated: 8

*sigh* The presentation of Loveless.....Is in riddles. Maybe it's about Ritsuka finding his "true self" lost 2 years ago after his brother's death . His brother himself is a riddle. Why did he die? Is he really dead? Why did Septimal Moon kill him? Who is Septimal Moon? These questions are asked by Ritsuka himself. Let's not forget Soubi's slick maneuvers to avoid Ritsuka's questions and his own dark past. I just don't know where to start in reviewing this story's depth. it's like you think, "AHA! THAT'S why!" but then you fully consider more than what you originally analyzed and go "Wait....". As said before, this anime is encoded in riddles that only your mind could think of answers to, but new get a straight response.

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Member Opinions

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Well, I think the story is pretty strange (at least not for all tastes), but still enjoyable. One of the things that bothered me, though, was the relationship between the two main protagonists... it's just weird .__. The characters are cute, especially with those nekomimi.


While I haven't actually found or watched any of this, I've read a few of the manga a while ago. I don't remembetr much, but wat I do remember was pretty I have a thing for cute little Nekos! ^^

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

Hmm, it's a shounen-ai anime. I like it but not love it. The stories r good enough. But, the battle scenes... is too simple n fast for my liking. Also, Ritsuka (the uke) is just too small n young for Soubi. Well, maybe it's just because it didnt fit my taste (dun like shota/pedophile pair). Everyone who like this type of pair would love it I guess. ^^

MelgyArt MelgyArt

J'ai horreur des series qui sont produites avant la fin de la publication originale et qui se terminent en queue de poisson. Cela peut être perçu comme une façon d'insiter les amateurs à se tourner vers la série manga, mais pour ma part, je trouve cela plus frustrant qu'autre chose.

galexia galexia

Soubi!!!!!! I really like the manga but the anime is so short....
For those who read the manga the anime will propably disappoint since it shows almost nothing (I am refering to the plot...) but still it doesn't matter..
God I wish they would make a sequel... Just dreaming...

Ladykiba Ladykiba

I have seen all the anime. the last episode is very good, different from the manga. Lots of love there.
The manga is currently still a work in progress.
I do wish there was more "love" involved in it.. Its more psychological and fantasy fighting then romance.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

One of the few shonen-ai I saw, I fairly liked it. The story is interesting and the way of fighting is unique, the romantic situations are not excessive, rather very sweet and well fitted in the rest of the story. The characters are nice and well matched. Unfortunately, the story remains poised because the manga is still ongoing.

SOUBI AGATSUMA: "This skin is a nuisance. This skin that separates you and's a nuisance"

Glukogen Glukogen

This anime makes me strange reaction - I don't like yaoi, don't like when every person fallen in love with main characters, and when anime looks like a game. But.. I still think it's a nice anime. Its end was unexpected for me (it's even more like "to be continued" than ending). Although true this is annoying to hear "suki da yo" every minute ><

NenrikiKaen NenrikiKaen

Yun's cutest characters and a story full of emotions. I guarantee you'll smile and cry at the same time.
For me, it was the first shounen-ai anime I have ever seen. I like the idea behind the plot even though it

Yamibou-Eve Yamibou-Eve

This is the only good shonen-ai anime I have ever seen, I think.
They just don't make them like this anymore - with a plot, no matter how little sense it makes.
Loveless still remains one of my favorite anime, it's well made, interesting, beautiful and I didn't care about the rest back then.

flamealchimist flamealchimist

this is one of the only things i actively sought out to get all that is out of it! i love it even though there are some.... if-y parts i think it's to cute i wish yun kouga would finish it because i really want what happens and it makes me mad that she hasn't put nothing out in awhile

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

Ok, this one I barely remember anything about the anime, lol. But if I recall correctly it follows the manga plot until chapter 20 or so o.o Anyways this one is a Shonen-ai one and if you add nekomimi (cat ears) to that then you have the perfect combination~! xD
A contract between a Fighter and a Sacrifice is the main issue here and of course the feelings that are developed between both.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

This series was alright I guess. I only liked this series for 4 reasons.
1. I like the Opening Song
2. The art and animation were amazing.
3. It's Yaoi DUH!
4. I like the Ending Song
I didn't understand the whole Cat ear business...(If you're going to have Cat ears, you might as well remove those Human ears...doesn't make sense to have both!) it probably wouldn't have gotten popular if they didn't have them, (which is ridiculous) but it's just one of those weird shounen-ai yaoi series. The plot was kinda confusing too...

EdosGurl EdosGurl

Loveless was one of the first shonen-ai series I ever watched fev years ago - and it still
is my favorite. I highly recommend every single shonen-ai lover to check this out. I was able to
even make two friend guys of mine, who are totally against shonen-ai, watch this and actually like it

kuvshinka kuvshinka

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