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Omaiwa's Luminous Arc Game Review

Rated: 6

Luminous Arc 2 review

The most noteworthy thing about this game and my biggest concern is there is no control over the plot by the main character, you. second i would have to say that the level of customization is 0. each character has a pre-defined set of armor, skills, and stats and all you can do to edit it is give them bigger stat changers and armor. however the game does manage to shine through these significant flaws and seeing as it is a tactical rpg in a pure form, unlike the amazing work of Devil Survivor, so we can accept that it doesn't disappoint compared to FFT A2 or War of the Lions and other such games. however it fails to do anything particularly new other than the engagement system which makes the game feel a little like some kind of harem thing that was annoying.

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