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Character Conceptual Design (TV) - Eji Komatsu

Kazuki Shikimori lives in a a world where everyone can use magic. Not everyone’s magic is equal. Everyone has a set number of times that he or she can use their magic. Most normal people can to use magic around hundred times or so, while others can use their magic several thousand times. A person's social status is determined by how many times you are able to use magic. If however you use up all your magic, your body turns to ash and is scattered in the wind. Kazuki however is different from most because his magic count is less than 10. Then one day three girls Kuriko Kazetsubaki, Yuna Miyama, and Rin Kamishiro show up all wanting one thing... his genes. Although he himself has very little magic it is believed that his genes will one produce the greatest magic user of all time. Though they all want his genes only Yuna proclaims to be his wife after a childhood promise of marriage

Credits: Mew1Mokuba

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Shavo002's Maburaho Tv Review

Rated: 8

In short: this is a great anime, is something you may not watch again, but you wont be sorry youve watched it either, in fact , im sure you will enjoy it very much since it does thing that havent been seen in many other animes before.

It will make you laugh since shikimori's facial expresions can be hilarious, as well as yuuna's, the side characters can be funny at times too, sometimes a bit of a bother, but hey, they are side characters and they are needed.

i recomend watching it if you are looking for a good laugh and a good story, even though if you are looking for a concrete ending or every loose end to tie up, you will end up beeing disapointed.

its a good anime, and i recomend it overall.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

storyline predictable. characters with magic power that's numbered, conceputally not new but still with its own twist of new touch. relationships between characters well layout and explained except the last female character to join the class. as i don't have any other sources to reveal who she is. till this day it's a mystery.

LuckyShadow LuckyShadow

It's a pretty good anime. However, in my opinion, it's one of those animes that just shows a whole bunch of seemingly random episodes and then it gets really plot heavy towards the end. I wasn't really happy with the ending though, it was pretty disappointing. But overall it was good.

MK2010 MK2010

I believe it was a poor show; with weak, underdeveloped characters, an unoriginal harem plot following the usual formula. Even then, I won't deny the potential; there were moments before the show turned irrevocably silly, places where it had momentum but I earnestly had hoped they hadn't wasted it.


Magic. Basically what the show is all about: Magic. It still takes place on Earth, mind you, but EVERYONE can use it. As you might expect, everyone's abilities are not equal. Some can use their magical abilities more than others. Yes, there is a set limit to how much you can use them. If you use all of it, you turn to ash. Sounds a little depressing right? That is the plight of the main character, Kazuki Shikimori. Kazuki discovers that his magic is the strongest magic around. Cool, right? Wrong, the drawback is that he can only use his magic 8 times. That seemed like a bit of a downer to me. He was normally careful about using his magic, but, all of the girls in school find out about his prowess, and they all go on a mission to obtain his genes. Yes, that's right, they are ALL trying to get in this poor kid's pants. There are 3 girls more persistent than others, who, due to many magical mishaps, cause him to use all of his magic bit by bit. How does it end for them? Watch to find out! I seriously reccommend it!

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