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Note: Even though Tatsunoko owns the rights to Super Dimensional Force Macross, Bandai produced all other sequels and variants in the Macross universe.

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Tama-Neko's Macross Game Review

Rated: 7

Macross 30 is a pretty fun flight action RPG for the PS3. Studio Artdink has produced a number of other Macross games for the PSP, although this is their first for the larger screen. As I haven't played any of those other games, my expectations for this one were to pilot Valkyries and blow things up while enjoying some great pop songs. This game delivers that in spades.
Macross 30 is aimed directly at the franchise's biggest fans -- that's why they brought in characters, mechas and music from all the previous series. The setting, story, and main characters are game-original, so you don't technically need any prior Macross exposure, but you'll miss out on a lot of jokes and references.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Although the first SDF Macross is a landmark achievement in anime, it suffers from inconsistent animation direction. The DYRL retelling is much better overall with the fantastic animation quality and brilliant climax. I think Minmay's character development was better in the series, while Hikaru's was better in DYRL. I hope that this particular chapter in the Macross saga gets a remake, it certainly deserves it. With Macross II, I definitely think it's much better than Macross 7, I found the characters and story much more enjoyable in II, and I feel II doesn't deserve to be looked down upon so poorly. II has fantastic animation for an early 90's anime and it is a series that I recommend. Plus is amazing and very much one of finest anime series ever made, it would've been nice though if it had a bit more character development for the three leads, so there could've been a better understanding of what shaped them. The dub is worth the watch for any fan of Bryan Cranston, even if there are a handful of mediocre dub performances, Cranston is awesome as Isamu and much better than the original Japanese dub performer.

Akiitsu Akiitsu

The very first anime I've ever watched. I was a little kid when I watched it and didn't really understand it, but then when I was 14 it was aired again and by sheer coincidence I was flipping channels and caught it again from the very first episode. It was a sequence that included G-Force, Space Pirate, Macross and Don Dracula. Good times. Macross will always remain as my favourite because I liked the emotional drama and the relationships between Hikaru, Misa and Min Mei. I still didn't watch another anime with such a good plot. I'm open to sugestions.

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