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Kori's Madlax Tv Review

Rated: 8

I enjoyed watching Madlax very much but it is understandable if some are being put off by how the anime starts as it is, like mentioned before, very confusing. Not much humour is found in Madlax, but not very much action either as one may expect. However, the mystery of the characters and the last piece of the puzzle not being put together until the last episode is enough to keep you watching as you want to know more about them and exactly what role Enfan has. If you ask me, I would greatly recommend Madlax to those who want something serious, something more than just a light-hearted anime.

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I didn't hate this as much as many others seem to. Maybe it's because I'd already seen Noir and knew what was coming. Most notably, however, this has one of my favorite OSTs. I also tend to like nonlinear storytelling in general, and liked how the separate, but converging, stories were handled.

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