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SeijakuF's Mahoraba Tv Review

Rated: 9

Mahoraba has a lot of different elements in its story. This is a good thing since watching another Maison Ikkoku would not really be that interesting, now would it? There's humor, drama- a bit of everything. And guess what? They all work. I've laughed so hard my stomach hurt, cried like a baby, thinked hard about certain situations. While Mahoraba is no complex series, it has a deeper meaning there too and leaves the viewer to choose how to see the current situation.
Mahoraba is easy to view, simple enough to show to your friends who are new to anime- but at the same time it's refreshing in it's own special way and offers new stuff to the otakus as well. The episodes follow a certain path but there's still enough room for altering the story to keep it interesting.

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

Just a story about a guy falling in love with a girl who had many personalities, and his struggle in fulfilling his dreams, or something like that. I watched this anime years ago so I can't be sure about the story line.
Nothing much to say, probably a nice anime to watch if you're searching for something light and moe.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Pretty old, therefore i dont think it will amuse you too much, but it do has the charm which you can only find in such anime. I dont really know in which GENRE i should put this anime. Its romantic, funny and interestingn. Story revolves around a boy and a girl, (Shiratori-san and Kozoe-chan). The girl is the landlady and boy ahs come to live in her inn. He is taking university classes for arts. His aim is to write picture books for kids.
Well, since its old i dont have to tell you about its sound and presentation.. Hope u like it, couse' i did

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