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Mahoro is a combat android who is given early "retirement" 390 days before her batteries run out and her system shuts down for good. Her commanders grant her a final wish before leaving and much to their surprise, she chooses the simple life of a housemaid. She is placed into the home of Suguru Misato, a high-school aged orphan who lives like a slob. He understands Mahoro's past quite easily, yet what he doesn't realize is that he doesn't know the truth about his own past and Mahoro's real reason for coming to him.

Written by xenocrisis0153

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Sangaru's Mahoromatic Tv Review

Rated: 7

I honestly like the whole anime, it really kept me into the story line. Humor was a big plus for me, I like the chicks that came out of Mahoro's head when she fell a sleep. The anime kewpt everything aligned and where it was suppose to be, not jumpping from place to place. Suguru is actual a brave guy, hes just shy and doesn't like to speak his mind. But once someone is in danger, he is ready, serious, and determined to do all he can to protect that person. Maharo, you can tell she likes Suguru, but she refuses to accepted it and get too attached berfore she ceases to function any longer. But she is very kind hearted, even to Shikijo-sensei and Ryuga-sensei.

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Member Opinions

evelluchia evelluchia

this is a very fun story of a very interisting and very fun maid ^-^ who knew that the humble maid could do such fantastic things ^-^ its a very fun adventure and i definetly reccamend it to anyone ^-^

ghost945 ghost945

humorous moments fill the rather serious presentation about relationships. robotic-alien with human relationships. interesting. creative. main characters are developed but not the others. seiyuu for the mains are great but not so so for the others. pity. the grandpa and robot panther are great characters.

Wraith Wraith

Top of the list! The best anime I have seen to date. Great story and characters. I own the complete series plus ova's and a few art books, all the manga's and the model of Mahoro sitting on the motorbike.

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