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Ten-year-old Negi Springfield is a wizard who wants to become a Magister Magi. The task of teaching him is given to 31 students at an all-girl school. At school he gains new friends and learns new things, whether he wants to or not.
Negi endures tiresome training for both his wizarding skills and his physical strength. He is given difficult tasks that forces him against a dragon, other wizards, mad-scientists and an evil vampire... and they just keep getting more tougher!

Written by super-anime-fan

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G-money's Mahou Sensei Negima! Tv Review

Rated: 6

Here is the other major downfall. The bad things included many and I will elaborate. One major pain was the fact that the anime tried to follow manga but also tried their own twists; it just made the episodes drag out longer and end up as fillers. For the most part, I felt that the series was a major filler up until the Kyoto trip story arc and the Asuna's death story arc... even then they butchered it up. Some examples of filler episodes and killing the manga storyline was the episode where Negi enters some kind of contest and other girls try to get him. That was a waste of an episode and it was told better in the manga with actual kissing and the ogre teacher Nita... quite unfortunate.

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Member Opinions

dragonknight2000 dragonknight2000

I love the humour of it especially when I've read it on the manga.....the anime also was very good although it does have some minor changes from the manga...hope you enjoy watching and supporting mangas whenever it is available in your me its worth it....


First things first....10 year-old boy + a bunch of middle school girls + blushing and pactio = Harem for a shota ... the first version of "Negima" I was like WTF! aside the crappy animation??...basically it was an epic failure... the second try "Negima!?" was better, still the story line was off from the manga but interestingly enough they have enough time to incorporate 'El Chupacabras' and make it into a gag among other things; as well as my personal favorite... the Mahora Sentai Baka Rangers who are the whip cream to the show. Now things have gotten more serious and of course in the OVA's/OAD's the SetsunaxKonoka is so apperant you have to be a blockhead not to notice it. As far as Negi and his search for his father the Thousand Master, he undergoes "impossible" training under Evangeline...*a vampire to boot* to reach his goal. As the series progresses along with Asuna and Kotaro..*who join the hellish training*the OVA's and the OAD's stick pretty close to the manga and the animation is much better. So check it out not only because if it's comical aspects, pantsu shots and fanservice but for the deep undertones concerning ones personal dreams and no matter how many times one falls the only thing left to do is stand up and try again.

Cirru Cirru

Negima was a really good read. It was a little bit much with the final battles and such, but ah well. The ending was understandable, but sad. :( Really kept hoping he would have ended up with one of the other girls, but it is fated from the start. :/

singlemoon singlemoon

Funny anime, and it suddenly became serious at the end, I only watch this one time so I'm not really sure what happened to Asuna actually. Negi's father had a mysterious existence so I can conclude that other than Negi having lots of girl pouring their love for him, I don't understand what the relationship between Asuna and Negi's father.
The humor was good in my opinion and I had a good time watching this anime.


what chupacabra has to do with magic??? nothing right? but that's not the point. it's that it makes you laugh with the remake of mahou sensei negima, Negima?!. The end is was pretty interesting though the ovas still missing (disappointed). i just simply like it no matter what.

LadyCrosszeria LadyCrosszeria

Bleh~! I really hated this one. They completely changed the manga plot and the art looks nothing like what the mangaka draws. Also the episodes are always rushed and if you haven't read the manga then you won't get what's going on. Definitely one of the worst anime I've ever seen.
Oh, but the manga is actually really good, it has a great story and the art is beautiful ^.^

e1ectric e1ectric

Started off good but is slowing down fast. Sped up towards the end, when they tried to make it into a more serious show (but ended up increasing its corniness factor). Nagi's voice is annoying as hell (English version, as that's what the library had), it sounds like a whiny 8 year old girl. Overall the best word to describe this series is corny.


This is earth, and a secret society of magic users are still in existence. Little 9 year old Negi Springfield has just passed his wizard's exam, and he receives the job he has to do. Aaaaannnnnddd.......he has to be a teacher?! He gets whisked off to Japan to teach at an acadamy. An ALL GIRLS acadamy. The second he arrives on campus, he is nearly assaulted by the class hothead, Asuna Kagurazaka. Turns out, she's in the class he has to teach....The second he walks in the door, pranks are immediately pulled on him. Then, seeing their mistake, nearly the whole class becoms infatuated with the boy. This is a middle school class, btw. With techie girls, magic girls, swordmaster girls, and the amazing Dummy Force, Negi has a pretty tough time teaching his students. then, the worst, Asuna discovers his secret(of course). Can he trust her to keep the secretr and also keep from further exposing himself? Tune in to find out!

Ashton-Anchors Ashton-Anchors

It's honestly not as bad as many people say it is. While it doesn't have the best art, or doesn't follow the manga exactly, the majority of the plot was there, and it was still fairly enjoyable. Still, I wish it had ended better- the fake ending was just terrible. I really wish they had just waited for Ken Akamatsu to write more Negima before they decided to make an anime adaption.


It starts a bit slow in the beginning with the whole teacher era (there are a lot of characters to meet), but it quickly turns into a harry potter meets Naruto and Love Hina. I'm enjoying it, currently the fight scenes are getting better and better.

stargem stargem

I have seen most of the episodes so far and am currently watching the others. It is a comedy with some romance series from what I have seen so far and several of the characters have a wide range of personalities. Many of them are very funny and some are even characters who you want to pair together.

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