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GunsxShurikens GunsxShurikens

I'm not rating this anime excellent for nothing. The story itself had greatly increased my opinion about it.
The art itself is not impressive, but hey, who cares? All it matters is it's exciting storyline.
They even got me fell for Sheila. And I'm glad I'm one of those few ones that know this anime's existence.

Recommended for those who love magical and humorous type anime.

aozoraskies aozoraskies

This was introduced to me as The Tweeny Witches. Nothing about Alice in there. Hah. Anyway, this was fun, if childishly so, with gleeful, whimsical animation. A girl obsessed with witches, gets her hands on a book left by her long-missing father; accidents occur and she ends up in another world - a world of steampunk, witches, warlocks and fantastical creatures. No one believes this human girl is worthy of becoming a witch but somehow she passes the first 'test' - riding a broom, albeit skateboard style and going on to race another young witch. Cue striking animation of soaring broomsticks through fantasy landscape! Unfortunately, the happiness doesn't last too long; others have been watching and they want the book! Said book somehow goes missing through some interesting circumstances and -gasp!- she loses her witchy powers! Following episodes go into how she has to regain her witchiness through manual hard work, hunting and collecting materials, going to lessons and all the while trying to look out for the book, make friends, and preach her principles of no violence and SMILE is GOOD. lolz It's good fun, and yet doesn't shove off the fact that there is more than meets the eye and a tangled weave of tragedy lies behind all and ahead.. Cliches and glitches can happen, but this series managed to carry the story off quite well nonetheless. If you find it, watch!

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