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Member Opinions

Alenas Alenas

The anime differs from manga somewhat but it's still a funny series with awesome characters and interesting mysteries. Manga is still better, of course because it offers a conclusion. Sort of. Mysteries aren't too mind-boggling and Neuro manages to stay his sadistic, awesome self till the end. It's also a real pleasure to watch Yako grow, as well as the partnership between the two of them, which ends with Neuro acknowledging her as his equal. Quite an upgrade from a louse and a dishrag lol. And Godai doesn't catch a break. Poor guy.


I really like both the female protagonist Yako and Neuro. Their personalities, moves, ways of talking, everything. The story set is magnificent, the art can be both simplified and really well done, to the point of it becoming scary. The idea of the manga is something that can be both quickly understood and at the same time leaves a certain amount of questions to it. Really good, can't say more.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

Another favorite of mine. Some of the Mysteries are more predictable then others. I love the animes art but I don't really like the mangas art to much and its kinda to distracting to me so I haven't gotten into the manga yet. I mean the art is ok but compared to the anime's art its crap. But yeah Neuro is awesome :D its true in fact I have yet to see somebody that has seen the anime and doesn't have Neuro as there favorite.
I just hope one of these days that I never have to explain the plot :I I won't do it any justice

KazablanKa KazablanKa

a cool detictive anime
i watched this one before(but not complete cuz i didn't have the last 2eps so i stopped at ep 19)now i'm re watching it completely-the first anime(ever)i watch twice
this is a very cool anime,but stills there are things this anime has and things it just doesn't !!
i mean...the art of this anime isn't the best(so not),also for those who knew it is a detective anime but didn't watch it yet and though it is like detective Conan or death note....well it's not,the plot in this anime isn't really hard or anunderstandabl one!!
i mean you'd know the murder since the first minte in epode but stills,there are things that would atract you to watch this anime more(as NEURO,SAI)the heroine isn't really that bad(i actually liked her)
also this anime has avery cool moments and a very funny ones,and yeah...it is very interesting(what i said before(the credits) didn't mean it's a bad one at all...you'd just start it and without noticing,you'd be in the final eps hoping there are more!
also one of the things i liked this anime for,it was the fact that i can watch it without worring about the shitty fanservice things,so yeah...for those that doesn't like Ecchi this one is for you(i don't mean that the Ecchi viewers shouldn't watch it ;p)
and OH...for the story:well....the story is cool,i mean the girl that searching for her dad's killer so she worked with the demon(or such),there is no romantic tells in this anime(even though i wanted to be there-i just liked the relation between a demon and human XD)-i hate this in most of times but i guess i'd like it in this anime -__-
for final(the topic Genres thing) if you like these: Comedy, Demons, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
then i'v got a words for you(which i see fitting)

singlemoon singlemoon

I love the manga but not the anime, somehow Neuro in the anime differs from Neuro in manga, the Neuro in anime looks hot and he's emitting a seducing aura....but the Neuro in manga emitted pure evilness. And IMO, the anime ended too soon, it needs more episodes..moar...
But if I was asked, I think I'll say the manga worth your time.


Favourite anime of all time for sure. Although i can't really give a legitimate reason as to why exactly <__< i guess that i just like all of the cases and the idea of everything happening at the cause of sorts of 'demons'. I thought it was well animated and thought out and the subtle romantics between Yako and Neuro were addictive to try and pick up <3 Neuro may say that he can't feel human feelings... but i refuse to believe it D:< <333 I would reccommend this to just... anyone and everyone. Well, though if you're not fond of horrific things then maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to watch <__< but... yeah :'3

MK2010 MK2010

I have read whole the manga I wasn't expecting to enjoy this series, but it really grew on me. It has this sort of surrealist vibe that fits the 'demonic' side of the series. The mysteries were here and there, often hard to follow but in the end, interesting. The plot was lighthearted but ended up being quite sweet.I think this is one of the most unique and ingenious manga series ever.

Suzusan Suzusan

A very hilarious anime! I didn't really like the filler episodes, but the ones following the manga counterpart were very good... And, last but not least, Neuro's character is simply a sheer madness! Like it! ;-)

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