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Kryuzei's Makai Kingdom Game Review

Rated: 8

First, the Humor is quite funny.... its just because the story getting too serious near the end. and there's only 9 chapter of this game, which make this game slightly intresting.
9 chapter, but there's so many floor at each chapter which need more time to finish it. The unique part to make a story dungeon is to choose the overlord to make a netherworld for the dungeon. Zetta's need... umm... 8 netherworld to get his body back. Not only that, you can make a new dungeon using Wish Command at the HQ and talk to Zetta. Wish command is similiar to the black congress at Disgaea. but you don't need to get an agreement with anyone, you just need a mana power. to get mana power you can get it simply by killing people etc. btw, you can kill your own friend to get it.

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