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Tanya2000 Tanya2000

Неплохо . Интересные персонажи и легкий сюжет . это история нам повествует о наследнике души Соломона которому предстоит выбор , принять новую реальность которую он так усердно отрицает или остаться прежним. Выбрать нового кандидата на трон ада, и отправится в путешествие . Кандидаты 3 демона очень запоминающиеся личности особенно Ситри и Данталион. В данном аниме показуется очень тесная связь с прошлым и настоящим , показуется насколько разные бывают представления о высших силах . Да и про небольшую долю исторических данных забывать не стоит

KazablanKa KazablanKa

It's been long since i have seen a worthy anime. To be honest, i started this one just to kill some time, didn't think i would like it and enjoy it that much!
Here's the list of things i loved, and in the end the thing i hated, about the anime:
~Dantalion. Yeah, i must add him because HELL HE'S HOT!
~Dantalion's voice. because this sure had to be added.
~The story. Well, not really very original, but has it's creativity. The way the story flawed and everything was enjoyable and there was no moment in which i forgot what the main story was, unlike many animes of that genre. Though the ending might seem just a liiiiiitle bit rushed, but i loved it! And no, it has nothing to do with Dantalion playing a very important role in it, neither the final scene that kept me satisfied.. no..
~I LOVED the characters. Well.. the characters that one must love (aka leave the villains). William was one of my favorites! Of course, Dantalion was the most one that i liked, if you haven't noticed, and the second is William. Every character was lovable in their own way and you'd enjoy their screen time.
~For me, someone who haven't read the manga, they did great.
~The voice actors did their job well ;)
~The art. In fact, what attracted me to this anime; first, was the art. You could see from miles that the art will be a strong material in this anime, and it was. Although there might be mistakes sometimes, or some flaws, it still was good and easy to look at.
~Being a fangirl myself, nevertheless a supporter for the LGBT community, a fan service like shounen-ai would do the trick for me, even if they were just moments in the background.
~Because i need to say this, i liked William. Unlike 97% of anime main guys, William is very self-assured and pretty much in love with himself, he might be self-centric and a douche bag, he's very smart and he knows it, he as well knows how to do things himself (he made devils work as butlers for him, thank you), and he's not really that nice. So yeah, i loved his personality.
~To be honest, i don't know what to list more because i just don't know how to list all what i've liked. but i know it's worth it, hence the 9.5.
~About what i didn't like in this anime.. Well, I'm a religious person, nevertheless I'm Muslim, so now you could see how i have troubles with many "facts" in this anime, starting with Solomon's look and behavior (which sounded gay here, gotta be honest) and ending with Solomon's father that i really don't want to think of what they wanted to say through THAT.
Also, if i may, Michael? What the heck was that?! "Michael is a cruel and devious Seraph" what???! I really don't want to go through that. i just really don't have the nerves to. I'll leave them to be.
So, yeah, this side is very arguable. And rather than making me hate the anime, i decided to refrain from hearing or clinging on such matters that has nothing accurate. Ignoring their far-from-truth beliefs, laughing on some of them, made me watch the anime and enjoy it completely.

Suxinn Suxinn

/manga & anime/ The anime was a terrible adaptation. Off-modeling was everywhere, and the pacing was changed for reasons I do not understand. The original manga itself is pretty generic with its premise, but the saving grace is that the art is really great so reading it was no hardship.

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