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MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

The show reminds me a lot of Freezing, replace the Volt Weapons with Maken and the dimensional invaders with a perverted harem lead and we have Maken-Ki. I knew from the beginning that this series would be full of fanservice. To be quite honest a lot of it that I saw felt forced. I like the character designs. Though I fully expected this to degrade into a slapstick fan-service-filled affair before long (and it certainly did). In addition to the characters, the better than expected visuals and timely comedic moments are the best things Maken-Ki has going for it at the moment. It's fun to watch for kicks (like with most harems). The plot didn't really develop because the series itself was short, but I'll be looking forward to seeing if the second season can rectify this problem.

ghost945 ghost945

various old anime works shadow can be seen in this anime again. the mix isn't great. seem old fashioned, out of touch. story now heavily relies on the use of pants and oppai to stay afloat unless the story becomes more original and has some sparks to provide element of interesting development. seiyuu ok but nothing great.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

It seems like that the voice actors used were new in business. Its good to have new comers, always. A harem, action genre anime. The story surrounds A REAL IDIOT guy (unlike other anime heroes) Who is not just stupid, but very careless with girls. Not just that he is a jerk looking but acting too. Never remembering any promise, never caring about any other, never knows what to say at what place. Yet a few tough deeds in childhoods had won him some girls.
But wait, don't hate him . He got good things coming as the story progresses.

PG17, I liked only 6th episode of this anime.

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