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Nina was an average girl. Then one day while her and her friends were at their favorite cake shop she sees what looks like a hard candy. She puts it in her mouth and doesn't like it. Then suddenly a noise from above startles her and she looks up and a lot of people are descending upon them. Two land in front of her startling her into swallowing the 'candy'. The two boys are able to divert the rest of the group away. Then the boys show her what their looking for and are upset to learn she's swallowed it! The 'candy' she swallowed was really a magic pearl for a wizard training final test. The first team to retrieve it will become full fledge sorcerers. The boys call to report this only to learn the medicine needed to extract it won’t be ready till the end of the test in Christmas six months from now. So the boys vow to protect her at all cost from all the other trainees knowing some would even kill her to get the pearl.
Credit goes to Mew1Mokuba

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