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Tasuke Shichiri's father travels and sends Tasuke back different artifacts that seem interesting. This time he sends him a ring-like crystal. After staring into it a girl soon appears out of it. Her name is Shao Lin and her job is to protect her Master. However as it's been a long time since she was last released she doesn't know the ways of this world and often cause trouble for Tasuke in order to protect him from what she perceives as dangers but not to others.

By: mew1mokuba

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Sarisasenshi's Mamotte Shugogetten Tv Review

Rated: 7

Mamotte Shugogetten is a series that is often compared to the likes of Ah! Megami-Sama!/Oh! My Goddess!, and sometimes even called a ripoff of the series.

After watching the entire 22-episode series, I can hardly see how they compare. Mamotte Shugogetten contains a spark of comedy that Oh! My Goddess! simply lacks, which does not limit itself to collateral damage within the home or... erm... middle school. Also, with a complicated love triangle between characters (of some characters are unaware of being inside at all!), this show is bound to cross the boundaries of your ordinary love story.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Really cute series that I adore very much with a sweet romance story between the sweet and lovely Shaorin Shugogetten and her master, Tasuke Shichiri. It's so sad this series is underrated and underappreciated, for I find it more charming than the likes of Ah! My Goddess. I have a soft spot for Mariko Kouda voicing magical girlfriend-type characters for I love her voice, so sweet and heartwarming like the leading lady she voices in this series and Daisuke Sakaguchi is so endearing as the male lead and I love how the series sets up their romance and how he only has eyes for her and not any other character that is interested in him; like Ruuan and Kaori. Tasuke and Shaorin still remain among my top favorite anime couples of all time as they are good to each other and love one another dearly (and only each other). I wish this series was licensed because I would love to own this series on DVD and have another anime series made to get more Shao goodness. If I were a guy, Shao alongside Kanon's Nayuki Minase would be my waifus. I recommend this series to anyone who loves romance anime and anime featuring a cute and endearing female lead. Happy that Sakurano is doing a manga sequel, hopefully a new anime series will be made and reunite Kouda and Sakaguchi as Shao and Tasuke and that the original TV anime and OVA series get licensed too.

ghost945 ghost945

predictable storyline. characters ok but lack development and insights. relationships developed through frequent contacts and lack of other competitors. unrealistic but then it's between gods and human. those summoned gods are cute and functional.

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