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Shoujoboy's Maria-sama ga Miteru Ova Review

Rated: 8

This season gives fans much more of what they've come to love this show for. More of the characters we've watched grow up and more Yumi and Sachiko. A few things have changed but the things that infatuated us fans from the start still remain and still stay close to our hearts. I've seen a lot of shows in my life but none that make me feel this good when I watch it. I still stand by the fact that everyone should at least try this show. Just giving it a pass based on what you've heard or what you think you're tastes are should be a crime.

I truly loved these 5 episodes. I will always remember it because the first episode of it I watched in Afghanistan.

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

The drawing was beautiful and we gets to see a lot of beautiful girls. But no BOI-GARU RABUU, since it's a slight Yuri story. It's also a story about growing up, and relationship between someone you deeply care, or something like that. So far, I found the anime to be sweet and it makes me all fuzzy inside. I haven't finished it yet, but for some reason I don't feel like finishing it.


A complete package for an Anime. One of the best Yuri Based story lines since Kashimashi or Aoi Hana. Shows that there is more to Yuri other than smuttiness. I recommend this series for anyone who like a full, rich story that actually has something to offer.

ghost945 ghost945

lean to lesbianism topic but rather well unfolded without much explicit sexual reference. just a touch. all four seasons consistent quality and storyline. mostly logical and coherent. characters are well developed and shown growth throughout. seiyuu cast strong and very solid performance.

ai-yame ai-yame

Now here's a series I don't see everyday; such a rare-themed anime. Religion? Girls? Shoujo-ai/Yuri content? Virgin Mary? MariMite is one of my unforgettable series, probably because I can somewhat relate to it -- particularly the fact that I've experienced studying in an all-girls Catholic school. The Soeur system, the use of French terms especially for the flowers of the Lillian Jogakuen's student council (Yamayurikai) -- I believe they all add up to MariMite's subtleness and uniqueness as an anime series. The music -- soundtrack plus the background music and such, are soothing to the ears. The characters are also well-drawn, and the conflict between the characters and the characters themselves get the story going. The MariMite DVD specials showed a funny side to the story, too.

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