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Loki, god of Mischief has been banished from the world of the gods and sent to Midgard. There he meets a human girl named Mayura Daidouji. He is told that he needs to collect evil auras to return to the world of the gods. In order to collect evil auras, he starts a detective agency which specializes in the paranormal. Along with other gods that have been sent to assasinate Loki for reasons previously unknown.

Is it possible for the ancient god of evil to survive in and unfamiliar world in the form of a eight-year-old child, lacking his former abilities?

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Kyuukyuu111's Matantei Loki Ragnarok Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 7

I've said so much already that I can't say anything here without repeating myself like a parrot. Let me just finish by saying that the presentation is extremely well done, albeit a bit cliched. While younger readers/watchers will instantly love it, most people who have already seen tons and tons of titles will ignore it, or only watch one or two episodes in curiosity before dropping it; the reason being is, the anime doesn't start to be really original until later on, and nobody wants to wait long to get into a series.

Maybe I'm giving the series too much credit; after all, I am a fan of mysteries, magic, mythology, and the whole stuck-as-a-kid scenario. I must say, though: As a veteran reader myself, I enjoy this series very much.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

ending too abruptly. story about gods force to live in human world. characters all very interesting with depth and much deeper contents than looks. interaction between various gods sometimes funny sometimes serious. great gags. ending however too sudden.

Kalrathia Kalrathia

It was one of the first series that I saw when I was younger. Then I loved "child" Loki, but now I preffer the older one. I like Heimdall too. Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok is one of my favourite animes because I was fond of nordic mythology. The manga is better, anyways.

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