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  • Mayoi-neko Overrun

    Mayoi-neko Overrun

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

better than thought. various characters were developed although i think there could be more depth revealed. not bad for a one season anime. female characters mostly cute and showed distint personality. seiyuu voiced added plenty value, matching tones and context, lifted the overall feeling, giving anime a real touch as if characters are based on real figures.

randomly--random randomly--random

I just finished watching this one yesterday and I have to admit that it's not really the type of anime that I get all excited about but maybe if you're a fan of the typical comedy, slice of life anime, you might like this one. the characters are very great and well made for their roles. every episode tackles a different story yet the comedy part is well maintained. anyway, as I've said, this anime is pretty much enjoyable and fun to watch if you're into the typical comedy, slice of life anime(:

DiEs2882 DiEs2882

it's oke i think...

the story actually good...
but appearently they can't wrap it well...
the character are cute...except chise san that quite annoying in many way...

but it still good anime to watch...

stargem stargem

A very funny anime. It combines the elements of romance and comedy to the most unusual and outrageous things that happen in the day to day lives of an otaku, wolf-girl, neko-mimi, normal guy, rich girl, and old fashioned guy. The episodes of the series are sometimes dual, or triple episodes and dont run in a specific order. But I highly recommend this series to anyone willing to take a look at it.

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