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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

A pretty good male character-centered school series, I love the voice cast and the main characters, it's a shame that this series isn't that popular because I find any series featuring female eye-candy in school shows to be rather overrated while those having male eye-candy to be underrated. Aside from those aspects, it is a very good anime, albeit an underrated one, I loved how intelligent and likeable the main characters were, each with a unique personality, and intelligent as well. I also like the political drama aspects of it too and the comraderie of the five main Strahl candidates and Sir Isaac have and the story is quite intriguing. The second season is my favorite of the two, it has a deeper story involved and I liked the three new Strahl candidates introduced, especially Elmunt and I love the bond he has with Camus(he's so moe at times <3), Elmunt kind of looks like Yuuichi from Kanon 06, but I would say my favorite pairing is Lui/Naoji, the two look they have a deep connection. I reccommend this series very much for those who love bishounen anime. The VA performances are also splendid as well.

ayaklueze ayaklueze

For those who played the games in Game-boy advance or PS2 and listened all the Drama CDs (like me XD), This series are great. It reflects the game very well. Nice characters, nice animation, nice character designs, the sountrack is beautiful. Complete.
Fave Character: Ludwig

ShannaxZala ShannaxZala

Not the best anime I've seen, but it isn't the worst I've seen either. *Cough*Naruto*Cough*
I love the amount of beautiful boys in it, and that was my original reason behind starting the series. Although I haven't yet finished it, since I've been watching other animes and reading other mangas.
In due time I will finish this though, and make a better comment for it.
My favourite character, between all of the sexy boys, is Naoji. Long hair is sexy on a man, no?

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

Season 1: Very good; the characters are very well-developed and their pasts are explained without losing focus on the main story.
Season 2: Definetly interesting, but only if you enjoyed the first season. A little slower moving than the first part.
Manga: Cute but the Strahl seem OOC; definetly worth reading if you liked the anime.

Everything is beautifully animated/drawn so even if you get bored sometimes it's wonderful eyecandy. <3

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