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Murrman84's Melody of Oblivion Ova Review

Rated: 7

This one was a very very very hard anime to pidgeon hole. At times it could be rather immature, at others very profound and unnerving, and more often than not completely baffling.
The pacing is pretty consistent and helps to keep one in the flow of things (usually the story moves along in 3 part chapter type stories, than moves on to another one after that chapter is finished). In fact, within the anime the episodes are kind of presented as movements in musical piece, thus giving a fun little nod to its title.

This is not an anime to watch for a quick laugh, or a quick scare, or a quick anything really. It spreads its wings across vast areas, so one must watch the whole thing to get all that it has to offer. Just be prepared to be scratching your head...

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Member Opinions


Well watched it because a friend recommended he owes me some of my life back. Art is about a 3.5 to a 4. Story line is between a 4 to a 5. Music not my taste for Op or Ed themes and the music scores during the show very repetitive. Just a plain weird anime I don't mind fan service at all but this one goes over board especially towards the end (the Mooooing cow girls for example) or the Greasing up to go to space and spanking the person/bike to get going just to name a few. Why oh Why do a lot of bad anime get 24+ episodes while some really good ones only get 12 to 15 See Melancholy for example. If you like off the wall very very different story lines with sometimes creepy fanservice (note I really like a lot of anime with fan service Negima, GTO, Jinki Extend Ect.) This is for you otherwise save your time. PS a lot of times I will stubbornly Watch a series thru the end especially if I'm trying to figure out the plot wheter it's good or not. + I promised to watch

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