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SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

One of my favorite anime movies of all time. ^^ I remember just picking this up at a Barnes and Noble just because I thought it looked interesting and it was! The animation is stunning! It's hard to believe this was made I think around 2001. The art style reminds me heavily of the series Astro Boy, but all of the characters are completely different and unique. I was pleased with the voice talent as well. ^^ It was great hearing Jamieson Price as Duke Red. The ending to this movie also blew me away. When it happens you'll be like "What the heck?" but it'll grow on you quickly, and you'll probably start crying. (Or at least I did.) The soundtrack is based heavily on jazz music, with songs from Louis Armstrong (sung by someone else though) and Ray Charles. It's a beautiful movie with a clear message, and I recommend it to anyone who likes anime.

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