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angelxxuan angelxxuan

a wonderful slice of life where, no matter how hard they try, they don't get where they want to get. no matter how hard they try they just break even or fail short. violence, proper proportions, real life adventures.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

One of those i dearly liked. I don't know why are the story lines of these days going out of control? A perfect, balanced story line. Black Lagoon genre anime (or i must say black lagoon is Michiko to Hatchin genre). The story goes as a women Michiko has broken out of jail, she have a target, yes.. but not to kill. She wants to search for her beloved one. First thing she did was pick his daughter (Hatchin) from a CORRUPTED CATHOLIC FATHER'S house. Then they both travel to find him ( Hatchin's dad). While watching it, you can have a feeling of BLACK LAGOON'S corruption of the world but with TRIGUN'S flavor..Quite an awesome plot.. i wonder if i could ever forget this anime

mbeckley mbeckley

Great characters, great plot, and a great touch of Latin American style of Brazil within an anime presence. Hatchin and Michiko both fatefully meet each other and run away from place they suffered in. An adventure they embark on becomes changeable for them.

AngelKate AngelKate

This anime is very different from any I have ever watched, and I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but wow... I really loved it. I don't know how to describe it, so just watch it and see for yourself. <3

vitaamin vitaamin

With deep Latin American vibes and subtle storytelling, the series manages to pull the audience in for a look at several storylines loosely tied together through Michiko's (the vixen convict) past. While their search for Hatchin's father--Michiko's former lover--provides a stimulus for their journey, it acts more as a literary tool to pull the characters through a myopic look at the lives of their fellow countrymen. It is difficult for me to find a favorite among the subplots as they all took a decently honest and heartfelt look at how people in less developed nations survive--though I found the more dramatic subplots (i.e human trafficking) of rather mediocre execution.

Michiko and Hatchin act as foils for one another: Michiko, the adult, acts childish and impulsive while Hatchin, the child, behaves responsibly. Most reviewers seemed to enjoy this chemistry but I found it lukewarm and underdeveloped. While Hatchin's character failed to impress(her relationship with her abusive parents never felt present and her "maturity" seemed a pretentious addition), Michiko was developed extensively throughout the series and the characters associated with her past succeeded in hooking my attention. In fact, I personally preferred watching the minor characters in the series--their stories were deeply entrenched in their impoverished situations, yet the livelihood with which they confronted adversity became truly inspirational.

The series boasts a strong soundtrack and voice acting, nicely echoing an image of a boundless road, sprawled before Michiko, Hatchin, and the people they met. The Latin traces are very apparent in the bold color schemes: cyan skies splashed with vivid turquoise and deep reds. The combination of brilliant sound and great animation certainly makes this anime worth watching, even if it falls short of the true geniuses in the genre (see Cowboy Bebop + Samurai Champloo). So be sure to check this out for a look at something different than your run-of-the-mill titles!

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