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Because of her "baby face", Kaya Satozuka has to "disguise" herself with glasses and a more mature hairdo in order for people to take her seriously. When the prestigious Touma Corporation offers her a job, she's more than happy to finally be able to prove her skills in the secretarial office of the managing director, Kyouhei Touma! Things get off to a rocky start when Kaya catches him with a woman in his office and he starts picking on her for being too austere. Nevertheless, she marches on as efficiently as ever. But she's not out of the woods yet -- by accident, Kaya discovers Kyouhei's deep secret: the director of the company is a vampire!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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  • Midnight Secretary

    Midnight Secretary

  • Midnight Secretary

    Midnight Secretary

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Member Opinions

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

It's pretty good; I admit at first I was skeptical about the plot, but I was surprised how quickly it drew me in. Then again, I have a soft spot for vampires. The art's great if you can get past Kaya's HUGE DOE EYES. She can be grating at times, with her "perfect secretary but actually tortured inside" attitude, and Kyouhei's an ass 95% of the time; they truly deserve each other, lol.

It's pretty smutty, at least later on as Kyouhei and Kaya's relationship progresses, but there's also some humor thrown in (Kaya's inner reactions to Kyouhei's debauchery). All in all, it was a fun read. Kaya's isn't mopey ALL the time and she's very capable and hard-working, so it's not like she's kept around as decoration; and Kyouhei is an asshole I grew to like (and he's possibly more entertaining to observe than Kaya). Must read if you're a fan of josei, office romances and/or vampires!

Aiira Aiira

18+ Another good manga from Ohmi Tomu. Though the main woman character has stayed on one path and had too many mistakes. The anime has a good plot and has a few character developments. Another item to point out is that it has a different creation from the other vampire/human interaction that has been wuite popular over the year (Twilight anyone?) Instead of the forbidden fruit moment, it's more like the family business will be in danger. It's also not the problem of keeping the vampires under covers it is more like how to produce more vampires with the vampire/human interaction that is suppose to be established.
None the less it is still a great manga even with the 18+ moments (Yes! Aiira has been reading materials that are not for young audience :P)

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