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Angelxxuan's Millennium Actress Tv Review

Rated: 8

This anime I would strongly suggest you to watch and pay attention. There are so many points that reality and acting career blurred and I really couldn't tell the difference, but over all that didn't stop me from enjoying this film. I like films such as these, sure I've been doing reviews for comedies but this is no comedy. Sure you'll find a few short lines to make you giggle but this one has zero comedy style drawing to it. This is a historical film, that did great justice in that, the history references were perfectly on timing, someone went to great lengths to make this one correct. It also has romance in it (rare for me but the plot forced that one out) and above all else psychological, where it attempts to mold the mind, yet only causes more chaos.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Such a brilliant movie I believe anime fans should see, it tells an incredible coming of age story of the heroine Chiyoko Fujiwara in her life as a young girl to an elderly woman who fell in love with a wandering artist on the run because of his anti-government views during pre-WWII Japan when she was a teenager who gave her a memento of their time together, a key that becomes Chiyoko's priceless possession and she undertakes a decades long journey to find her beloved through her years as an actress. I love all the cinematic elements that were used in the making of this movie with chronicling Chiyoko's journey through various eras in Japanese history. It is truly a touching tribute to the golden age of Japanese films and it has become a top favorite anime movie for me and I would find this an inspirational movie for anyone to see to always follow your heart and never give up your dreams whatever they may be. This stands alongside Perfect Blue as a favored work by Satoshi Kon.

SavingtheGeneration SavingtheGeneration

This is probably my favorite Satoshi Kon movie. The story is just so amazing, and it's a love story told in a different kind of way. Also, prepare for lots of running. Lots and lots of running. This actress goes through her life chasing after a prisoner of war whom she has fallen in love with. But through her life we get to see her act in these films, then back to reality. It all runs together, and I didn't find it too hard to see when she was acting or if it was reality. Watch it about two times and you'll have a much easier time understanding the story. I've seen both the english and japanese casts. I personally prefer the japanese cast, but of course the problem with owning the japanese version is that you have to pay attention to the screen constantly. Anyway, this movie is really good and I'd definitely recommend it. ^^

InfiniteSky InfiniteSky

This movie is pretty darn confusing. So unless you're really good at ELA, you'll only understand the overall storyline.
Personally, I still don't understand it. But I have a feeling that it's a really good movie (haha). The gist of it, I believe, is that the pursuit of happiness is the purpose for existence. The main character chases for this one man to return his key to "the most important thing". What this thing is, is never revealed. She searches for this man, believing that she loves him, and to an extent, perhaps she does. Her search gains her a position in several movies and she becomes a renowned actress. However, she continues searching for this one man who she, for some reason, needs to return the key to. In a tragic twist of events, mysteries are solved and we learn that she may have loved chasing him, rather than the man himself. Is the purpose of life, then, to search for happiness, but to never attain it? Because by attaining it, we lose the happiness? Who knows. The movie is incredibly deep, and will require more insightful reflections on repeated viewings to understand a vague generalization of the movie's intent.

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