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Mika and Toni Morgan are twins with a secret. They have special powers. They can use telepathy and if their together can teleport one or the other or together. They go to different schools and almost no one knows they are twins.

(contributed by Mew1Mokuba)

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ai-yame ai-yame

Miracle Girls, or more commonly known as Magic Girls when it first aired in our country (Philippines), is one of the anime series I've ever watched and got myself hooked into the magical world of anime. It all comes together -- from the twins' discovered magical powers, to their personal lives and love lives, and outside conflict. I've just watched it again a few days ago and realized I still adore Mikage (because she was my inspiration for my long hair) and her cute love story with her senpai. It's a fairly decent yet likable anime, especially for mahou shoujo lovers like me out there.

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