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Takaya Ohgi is just a typical high school guy who wants nothing more than to protect his best friend and live a normal life. Enter Nobutsuna Naoe, an older man who informs Takaya that he is in fact the reincarnation of Lord Kagetora. Naoe, himself a possessor, awakens Takaya's abilities to exorcise evil spirits and fight the Fuedal Underworld. While most possessors remember their former lives before being reincarnated, Takaya does not. Naoe is thankful for this, considering his passionate and abusive past with his Lord Kagetora. As Takaya improves his abilities , he also begins to remember what Naoe did because of his love for him. Meanwhile the dark forces of the Hojo and Fuma clans begin their attack as the Fuedal Underworld descends upon the living world.

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Member Opinions

mbeckley mbeckley

This is the first yaoi series i'd ever seen. I was curious with the show at first, and realized that its a yaoi anime. *giggles* I got attached to it and liked it. Very suspenseful, entertaining and dramatic.

bleachsenafan bleachsenafan

This series was awesome. I loved the plot, characters, art and animation. Too bad its over, I actually wanted to see more of the Yaoi Juicyness. But I guess this series was Shounen-Ai, it didn't had a lot of the goodness - it's alright I mean the series was good. I was also expecting a little more story of their past, it didn't showed much. Overall, it's good. Plus who cannot resist the delicious hot Naoe...GOD I love that voice of his.

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