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Second year middle schooler Yukiteru Amano is a loner who has a problem with making friends. Believing himself to be a bystander to the world's happening, his salvation from solitude is to write down what he sees in a cellphone diary, and his imaginary friend, the so-called Lord of Time and Space by the name of Deus Ex Machina. Deus gives Yukiteru a new ability: his diary will now record events that happen in the near future. With this new ability, he quickly abuses it for personal gains, but soon finds out that he's forced to take part in a deadly Battle Royale game that the winner will be crowned as Deus' successor.

Credit: Weskalia

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Member Opinions


I don't understand why people made a great deal about this anime, I didn't like it so much, and it's a shame to compare it with Death Note!!!
Most of the characters are stupid, and I don't understand why such an anime needs to be 26 episode.


ALL the characters are cool and I love them, except for the main -- but whatever. Made me feel the feelz and watch the entire season straight through. A little confusing at the end, but I've pretty much got it. Not reccommended for the weak of heart -- none of the anime I watch are, though. XP


Mirai Nikki is an anime which is really awesome and it is somehow just like deathnote in many ways. The thrilling scene and the psychological battle between players is really outstanding, they put out a good battle. The plot is good, but it becomes complicated in the later part which they include the different worlds. But still I like this anime series it is very thrilling.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

It wasn't so bad but there were a lot of plot holes (that I imagine are better explained in the manga). The story in general it's not so bad but what really makes this anime interesting is the characters and the interactions between them. The ending was really weird, during the last episodes I found myself thinking "What the hell is even happening? .___."

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I kinda liked the idea of the cellphones, though it seemed like bad luck that if the cellphones got destroyed then the users basically died, but then again you have to give some kinda draw back to having a phone that can tell you the future. Though what kind of future it tells you and in what way differs from Diary holder to diary holder; which I expected and is a good thing. It wouldn't be very interesting if they all saw the future in the exct same way, instead they see a future that is specific to the person, how they acted and what they did in their lives. I think they did a great job giving new viewers a clear picture of what’s happening with the story. Mirai Nikki had two cours, unlike the adaptation of a manga almost as good as this one – Deadman Wonderland, which suffered terribly as a result – so it was able to tell the manga’s story with a slightly more relaxed pace. Mirai Nikki is gleefully suspenseful, relentless and trashy, and quite unlike any series we’ve seen in the last few years.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

This is like Hunger Games times 100 in terms of violence, bloodiness and perverseness!!!!!!! Even I (an abnormally strong-stomached and not easily scared person) feel sick (or at the very least, shocked) at some points!
The plot is ingenious. That is always the case when the story deals with the phenomenon known as the time paradox. It requires four-dimensional thinking and it's just awesome!!! Love the suspense and all that foreshadowing. Nearly choked me to death but now that all the mysteries have been uncovered, it's totally rewarding.
Marks deducted for my despising the protagonist, Yukiteru Amano. He doesn't have a spine. I know his weakness is vital for the plot, but it simply gets on my nerves. He should learn from Aru Akise, a brave and smart guy to the very end.
Love the touching ending, and oh my god... there's gonna be a second season!!!!

Elena888 Elena888

OMG!!!! XDDDDDD it's an awesome anime!!!!! the plot is really good, every chapter is interesting and scheming.........and Gasai Yuno is completely amazing!!!,she is mad, but is amazing anyway xDDDDD
maybe the end is the only point that it's a little "weird", but, even so, I really loved watching it!!

ghost945 ghost945

from comics already knew story is quite violent and bloody. the anime presents so with an additional touch of hentai in those characters. must say seiyuu gave strong performance which adds to that hentai feel. our main is useless as in many other stories. artwork above average.

dwdantee dwdantee

A excellent manga, and will be an anime as good as. Reminds Death Note, with psychological games and shocking scenes that leave you thinking about that for days. An impressive history that has developed in a way that you can not know what will happen and when you think you know something, the author of a node you and makes get lost again.

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