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renlilica renlilica

At first glance I was like thing anime will be a waste of time with too much of ecchhi(ness) but when I started it I was laughing my butts out. The protagonist who is a masochist and the way they try to find a cure by torturing him really adds to the fun.
The anime is fun with a lot of spice in it.

strawberry15 strawberry15

Before I saw this Anime I started to read the plot and that was enough to make me wanted to see it, It's an amazing and very funny serie I was very shocked when I knew about the author. Thanks for such a good Anime, Rest In Peace.

ghost945 ghost945

rather disappointed with the ending. but it's a high school drama fills with fun nevertheless. good choices of seiyuu unfortunately most characters and voices failed to match and life the characters except our M male lead. pity. story rather boring and running gag repeatative.

randomly--random randomly--random

not my favorite type of anime material but this is definitely one good anime. the humor is similar to those typical comedy, romance type. also, I have to admit that I sort of get annoyed at the fact that Taro-kun is an M. it's because whenever they hit him, it's so obvious what'll happen plus, he looks really stupid whenever he wishes to be hit again, LOL! anyway, the character design isn't really my type but it's really bad, I'm just a bit picky. LOL. anyway, this anime is pretty much likable despite the things I said, though it's not something that can probably make you sit back and watch it continuously because I have to admit that at some point, I got bored with this. ^v^

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