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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Overall, I felt this is an over-hyped movie in how the film depicted the last showdown between rivals Char & Amuro, it was such a disappointment. Also, the presence of new character Quess Paraya was a major turnoff, totally the worst Gundam character ever made. Aside from being an insufferable spoiled brat, she's a Mary Sue and scenes with she and Char together are abysmal and rage inducing. Hathaway Noah reeks of being a Katz Kobayashi expy. Nanai and Chan were the only saving graces as far as new characters in this movie. Overall, never had I seen anything jump the shark so much like CCA.

Supersaiyan-V Supersaiyan-V

Hand-drawn cell animation at its finest for any era, number one. I found it entertaining from a plot standpoint, at least for a Gundam title anyway, but I was thoroughly impressed the wonderfully done M.S. battles - visually stunning and coreographed very well. I can definitely see why this is considered one of the great classics of both the genre and, yeah I said it, anime itself.

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