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Z827's Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Political corruption , a darker setting , impressive animations and well-built characters - what really kept this series from being perfect is how some of the characters behave at times. ( Kamille was badly affected by his parent's situation , and not his fellow crewmates? Seriously? )
Other than that , the series is well-executed and it had brought back old casts not as a manner of fan-service but to show the audience how they had fared after the One Year War and the struggles that Amuro was experiencing.
Ignoring the flaws which rarely bumps up in the series , this is one heck of a Gundam experience.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Seen nearly every work in UC Gundam except Victory and The Origin, I'm waiting until The Origin is near completion before watching it and I'm not ever going to watch Victory because it looks like the absolute worst Gundam series ever made with shit characters and plot. Anyhow, in terms of how I feel about the franchise as a whole set in this era is the weakest part is definitely the romance aspect, especially when Tomino is at the helm. Gundam F91 was one of the few he actually did right with in the relationship between Seabook and Cecily. Char has bad taste in falling for the worst girl Lalah, he had a gold mine with Haman and yet he didn't take her feelings seriously. Read the Char's Deleted Affair to see why Haman was the best girl Char could've ever had. UC Gundam is at its' best without Tomino; as I feel shows like 0080, The 08th MS Team, and Unicorn are better than the original and Zeta. Thunderbolt would've been greater with Shinichiro Watanabe directing and Yoko Kanno composing the music, yet it still blows the original and Zeta out the water with even more graphic battles. My personal beef against what Sunrise is doing is shoving Fed vs. Zeon junk that's tiresome and worn out its' welcome. It's time to set the stage for a Gundam F91 remake that leads towards a Crossbone Gundam anime.

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