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Z827's Mobile Suit Gundam - Universal Century Tv Review

Rated: 8

This is a Review of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Political corruption , a darker setting , impressive animations and well-built characters - what really kept this series from being perfect is how some of the characters behave at times. ( Kamille was badly affected by his parent's situation , and not his fellow crewmates? Seriously? )
Other than that , the series is well-executed and it had brought back old casts not as a manner of fan-service but to show the audience how they had fared after the One Year War and the struggles that Amuro was experiencing.
Ignoring the flaws which rarely bumps up in the series , this is one heck of a Gundam experience.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

The Origin was truly engaging in telling the events that happen prior to the One Year War and before the start of the original series, however the narrative could've focused more on Sayla Mass in how she adapted to life without her brother by her side and how she grew into the strong young woman she became. The top 5 UC anime projects I liked the best are Zeta, 0080, F91, Unicorn, and The Origin. I have no desire to watch Victory.

Instead of Hathaway's Flash and Narrative as the latter feels too much like fan-fiction, I prefer either a Gundam F91 movie trilogy remake with Crossbone Gundam being adapted after or a Char's Deleted Affair series because of best girl Haman being given the spotlight. Either one are better choices over Hathaway's Flash and Narrative.

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