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The series is set in the years 2307-2308 AD of the Gregorian calendar. During this time, fossil fuels became exhausted and the distribution of fuels became imbalanced. Humanity must rely on an array of solar power generation systems orbiting the Earth, and supported by three orbital elevators, each one pertaining to one of the three "major powers" on the planet.

The Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, consisting of the Organization of American States, Australasia and Japan, control the elevator located in South America. The Human Reform League, consisting of China, Siberian Russia, India, the nations of South Asia (excluding the middle-Asian states of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Mongolia, the member states of the ASEAN, Papua New Guinea, the Korean Peninsula, and Taiwan, control the elevator located in the Pacific Ocean. The Advanced European Union (AEU), consisting of Iceland, the islands of the Barents Sea, Greenland, Anatolia, European Russia and the entirety of the traditional continent of Europe, control an elevator built in the middle of the African continent.

With this infinite source of energy benefiting only the major powers and their allies, constant warfare erupts around the globe for fuels and energy. The nations that rely on fuel have plunged into poverty. Many believed that solar energy threatened the "promised land of God". The chaos lead to the formation of a private military organization, called Celestial Being, dedicated to eradicating war and uniting humanity with the use of four humanoid machines called Gundams.

The series follows four mobile suit pilots termed Gundam Meisters, sided with Celestial Being. The protagonist is 16-year old Setsuna F. Seiei, a quiet, taciturn young man who grew up in the Kurdish Republic, and a Gundam Meister for two years. He pilots the GN-001 Gundam Exia, a high mobility mobile suit effective in melee combat.

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Z827's Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Tv Review

Rated: 6

This is a Review of Gundam 00 : Awakening of the Trailblazer
Generally speaking - I'm not amused.
Whilst the movie may had a memorable final scene as with any other Gundam movies , the general plot , the deviation from the previous installments and the flimsy build-up really makes it a nasty slap in the face for those whom were anticipating this film.
Whilst one may argue that it's a film made to broadcast the importance of understanding each other and what not , it is undeniably poorly executed with zero immersion compared to the previous installments.

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Member Opinions

myri-chan myri-chan

I'm not especially fond of mecha anime, but i like G00 a lot for being one of the few non manichean animes i've ever watched. which makes it really appealing to me is the accurate description of the complex reality behind conflicts that we are witnessing today despite the series being set in a sci-fi world. the story it isn't just about terrorism but also about imperialism, political struggles and machinations. it is also very rare to have a middle eastern character as the main hero of an anime, and i appreciate the efforts made by the makers of G00 to understand the feelings and Weltanschauung of the people in this part of the world. My favorite characters are Soran Ibrahim and Marina Ismail Ofc, without those two G00 would have been an ordinary Gundam anime, but the others characters are well made as well: Hallelujah, Al Saachez, Goodman ..etc. I'll start with Marina which is an interesting character despite being criticized by most fans as being a foolish dreamer or incompetent. In S1 she was young and unexperienced but in S2 she improved herself and became skillful, for me she's the real heroine of the story like a sort of Gandhi or MLK. Her people mistrust her for being too progressive which makes her a tragic figure. Soran is the complementary character tragic as well but more skeptical who doesn't believe in peace talks he plays the role of a Malcolm Little sort of.. Lol. Being manipulated as a kid and raised to be a killing machine Soran shows great mental strength and managed to change through questioning the things he've been told since childhood.That makes the character really admirable to me. his laconic stoical attitude confers the character a certain charisma and charm. The two are seen as being a couple but i think its not the case they have a deeper relation than a mere romance and are tied by common tragic destiny.sort of sister souls who complete each other. I also admire Neil Dylandy and his brother which are remarkable characters for their empathy and generosity. Ali Al Saachez is the character i hate the most beside Goodman (the imperialist dude who's responsible for the destruction and destabilization in the ME,many innocent civilians were killed according to the story) .The A-Laws in which the self righteous Goodman (well chosen name pretty ironic) serve as general has also hired the same criminals like Al Saachez which it's supposed to "fight". Ali's opportunism and lack of scruples irritates me,the character is really well made and accurately realistic,unfortunately the world is full of guys like him,zealots that use religion to destroy their own people.
G00 is a pretty serious anime but there are some scenes which can make you smile, i liked that one which it shows Louise being angry at Setsuna,the contrast between his tough life and his friends comfortable life is pretty funny to watch Lol.

Personally i liked the french dub better than the original because of Setsuna's voice. In the french version his voice is more masculine and introvert which fits more the character's personality. The ost is really good. Daybreak's bell is one of the best anime openings in my opinion fitting the tragic tone of the subject and the singing has a Ville Valo feel which i really appreciate ^^ The song tomorrow holds a special place in my heart as well.
If you are fond of complex fictional political plotline a la Mgs and you are looking for an anime in the same vein G00 is a good choice.

minayuri minayuri

S1 is amazing and is the best part about 00 with it's engaging story and the feels that happen in the climax, but S2 is anything but with all the forced drama, lacking an enthralling story, character development suffering for minor characters (like Marina and Liu Mei) in favor of shoving OP-situations, and battle scenes one after another (especially against those OP, self-righteous A-LAWS who I feel are worse than Zeta's Titans). Ribbons is just the absolute worst antagonist in Gundam history, he's an arrogant, self-serving SOB and lacks any charisma. Characters like Ali Al Saachez and Graham Aker don't show much relevancy in S2. The 2nd OP of the 1st season, "Ash Like Snow" is epic and my most favorite song of the series, I don't like the S2 theme songs that much. My favorite character is Allelujah Haptism, he's an interesting character and he shares the same birthday as me too ^___^, I watched the show in the English dub and definitely Allelujah is my favorite role by Richard Ian Cox. Lockon #1 is another favorite character of mine and I absolutely love how amazing he is. Marie/Soma is my favorite female character overall and the bond between she and Allelujah is awesome, best romance ever for 21st Century Gundam shows, and the only thing good about S2. Feldt and Tieria are the most improved characters of the series from S1 to S2. Nena Trinity is the worst character in this series and her lookalike from the movie is also an annoying charcter (I prefer Billy/Sumeragi). The movie is sub-par at best story-wise, it does have its' good moments such as Louise and Andrei redeeming themselves as characters and the feels with Setsuna and Feldt. It''s sad that they can't be together because I think they would make a great couple. I appreciate more now what Saji and Louise went through in S2, Saji fought tooth and nail to get her back and glad that they are still together in the movie.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

"Mobile Suit Gundam 00" without doubt is one of the best animes the human being created!
With it's awesome story line,the unique characters,the emotions that anime made me feel,The Fights,The development of characters,the way it represents Humanity and how awful the war is,..the Art (i actually find this Version has the best Art/Graphics of any Gundam),I'v also liked the fact they did add an Arabic characters (or such), the mysteries....etc
So, yeah....this anime is truly highly recommended for all of you!!.


This Anime is one of the best anime I ever seen. Because it represent part of our life, such as love, fight and friendship. SO this anime is sounds like your life.
About the graphics, there are so much elements bonds perfectly with the story.

I don't know what I want to say again...

Awesome Anime

kuro115b kuro115b

not to good with complicated plot...but still the battle was good...but the second season turn out to be more complicated than i imagine...I already predict the difficultyto wat\ch this but I can't even imagine it turn out to be so least Setsuna was handsome and the battle still using the same battle style in gundam seed with some improvement on the battle partially, not too bad but not too good

mikeb23 mikeb23

This was my first gundam anime that I have watched all the way through and I was not disappointed. I had wanted to watch a gundam series but didn’t know where to start and this show was recommended to me by my friends. It was mainly recommended for the action and how badass the lead character, Setsuna, was. After completion, I did enjoy the story along with the plot twists but was not even slightly convinced that Setsuna was as cool as my friends said he was. Some of his lines where a little corny and he could have been a little more gruesome in some of his actions. Plot wise, season one was by far way better than season two in terms of story and the characters involved (a particular character, Saji, pissed me off way more in season two than he should have). In all though, solid gundam series and next in this genre is Gundam Seed which eventually I’ll get around to.

Cirru Cirru

Louise bossing around Seiji constantly and self-proclaiming he is her boyfriend is annoying. She acts like a self-centered and spoiled girl. Christina Sierra is part of the support crew, but is incredibly scared of being in battle (maybe she was deluded in thinking they wouldn't be directly involved at any point). The large bust sizes of a lot of the female characters is also very disappointing. Lichtendahl Tsery missing a vital sensor alarm constantly going off while he sits in the main cockpit/command deck of the ship just seemed too stupid of a mistake.

Just too many annoying side characters/events to watch this all the way through (stopped at Ep. 10, Season 1). Nice development and take on the gundams though.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The stories are complicated n great. The conflicts inside n outside are good, too. The artwork is well done. The meccha looks cool. The battle scenes also cool. My favorite is Setsuna (or Shoran Ibrahim) the cool teen, and Lockon the easy-going man. Marina Ismail, the female princess character is also didnt annoying like mostly typical-princess on other anime. She tried hard to bring peace on her country.

quantabiru quantabiru

Ore wa Gundam da!! My favorite quote from Setsuna X3
That quote also inspiring me in making "Technova" wallpaper. Overall, this gundam series has different story than other series. What was make this series unique is the main character (hero) are a mid-east person (Kurdish). Although it full of political conspiracy inside, but it has a good message: war just gives nothing to us. But war is also the way to stop war itself. It's my conclusion after watching first season. Now, begin to watching the second season... :3

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

So, I realize there are enough plot holes for a mother ship to fit in rather snugly, but having enjoyed the series so much, I don't really care. And, unlike the previous Gundam outing, this time around even the annoying characters do have a real function within the story that consists of something more than screeching at the screen in the most grating ways possible, while randomly piloting some additional action figure franchise...
Gundam 00 has successfully restored my faith in the series, & I think perhaps a good number of the series fans agree with me on this one..

lvlz26 lvlz26

in my opinion i feel that Gundam 00 is a very close second to the original series Gundam UC. The story is very different from most gundam series, and with this change came a great show that was very enjoyable.

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Personally I think this series is waaaaaaaay better than Seed. The story is better, the art is more beautiful, the characters are more lovable and the whole thing just makes more sense.
Like the setting and the universe of the story. It resembles our current world a lot and that makes it easier for audience to relate to the characters.
All characters have depth, and their backgrounds are all explained clearly. They all have different reasons to fight and things to fight for, and that makes me respect them a great deal. Among them all, Setsuna F. Seiei and Tieria Erde are my favourites. Apart from their badass-ness, they are the two characters that have undergone the most changes. Also, I find it both bold and admirable to make a boy of Middle-east descent the protagonist.
Love the message of the series: Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding.
The action sequences are awesome. The characters look attractive. The music is good (nearly cried when listening to the one sung by the children). And to top it off, the cast is perfect (though I wanted to laugh every time I heard Kati Mannequin spoke in Conan's voice XD).
Marks deducted for some uncomfortably preachy moments and the slightly unsatisfying romance.

Taavi Taavi

An excellent creation. One of my most favourite animes. The actual concept is quite interesting, trying to achieve peace though conflict. But I guess it isn't that uncommon in today's world. Again, animation and soundtracks are superb and it is extremely exciting, though the second season went a bit overboard, not to mention the film.

boredyetinspiredartist boredyetinspiredartist

After watching it, I feel that there are still some unanswered questions regarding Celestial Being or Aeolia's true motives in building them. If they could only provide a back story regarding Aeolia and the Jupiter Project, then that would be helpful in understanding some issues in the series. Still, the anime was worth watching. :)

adelin95 adelin95

I watched this series many years ago and I remember I enjoyed it a lot! The Gundams are really advanced and futuristic. I can't really remember much about the series but I can say it's really good anime. :D

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